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  • 1. What is LinkedIn Worlds largest professional network with over 120 million members and growing It is a database with an abundance of information Online resource for exchanging knowledge, ideas and opportunities It is designed specifically for the business community It is a resource for creating networks of people you may know and trust

2. Edit Your Profile Your profile is your personal brand. Its your way to differentiate yourself and helpothers decide if you are a person of interest to them. Let people see who you are. Upload a profile picture. Use the profile builder and aim for 100% completeness. Be accurate. Make sure your profile and past is as detailed as your resume would be. Customize your public profile URL with your name. For example my public profile is 3. Sections of Your Profile Name First, last, and maiden names. Certifications Certifications, licenses, or Headline Will default to current job title. clearances your have attained.You can change it to express your personal Recommendations You can requestbrand or how you want to be known (e.g. professional recommendations andOutstanding Financial Professional).display them on your profile. Summary Information about your Additional Information Any othermission, accomplishments, and goals.information you would like to highlight. Experience Professional positions and This can include a link to your website,experience; including jobs, volunteer your Twitter name, associations, andpositions, military, board of directors,awards.non-profit, or pro sports. Personal Information Optional Education School and educationalinformation such as phone number,information.location, and birthday. Applications You can add applications to Patents Any patents youve applied foryour profile to display your work, getor received.professional insights, or collaborate with Publications Publications that haveothers. featured your work. Languages Languages you understand orspeak. 4. How Much Should I write?In order to be more findable in searches, it is suggested that you use the maximumnumber of characters in each place on your profile. Headline 120 Characters Summary 2,000 Characters (about 2/3 of a printed page) Specialties 500 Characters (about 2 paragraphs) Position Description 2,000 Characters Education, Activities, Societies 500 Characters Custom Web site URL Tag (other) 35 Characters Interests 1,000 Characters Groups and Associations 1,000 Characters Honors and Awards 1,000 Characters 5. Personalize Add a headshot so that people cansee who you are. Make sure it is professional andrepresents the professional, notpersonal, you. Remember this is NOT Facebook. Your photo can be no larger than80x80 pixels. Personalize your companys website.Instead of Company Website forexample change it to IndependentLife Brokerage. Add your interests i.e. lovesspending time with family, running,and cooking for others. 6. Headline and Summary Headline Make sure your professional headline tells people what you do and is not just your title. Example Financial Advisor or even better Financial Advisor Specializing in Helping Families Efficiently Transfer Generational Wealth. Summary Your summary is an expanded headline. It tells people exactly how you can help them. Tell people who you are, what you do and how you can help. Write it in the first person. I am, I do It conveys authenticity. Be judicious in your wording and make it impactful. Use key words in your Specialties portion. This helps in optimizing your profile on search engines. 7. 10 Most Overused Buzzwordsin the USATry to avoid corpspeak and overused terms and phrases. The graphic below shows theten most overused buzzwords in the USA.Be direct, assertive, and interesting. Make good use of the dictionary and thesaurus.Have others review it before you post it. Refresh it regularly. Not Good Much Better An innovative, dynamic, and results-oriented A tough-minded IT leader who gets the job professional with a proven track record of done with zero loose ends. Especially being a team player in the fast-paced world of effective in balancing multiple projects, entrepreneurial problem-solving. competing agendas, and constantly shiftingpriorities. 8. Get Recommended People work with people they know andtrust. The best way to find new clients isto be referred and endorsed. Online recommendations are a great wayfor others to validate who you are and thework you do. Go through your network and specificallyask others for recommendations. Make sure your recommendation requestis genuine and personalized. If you want to be recommended, startrecommending others. Take the time to be thoughtful in yourrecommendation of others. 9. Join or Start Groups Why bother with LinkedIn Groups? To locate people with shared interests andestablish valuable new connections. By searching through the listing of LinkedInGroups, youll be able to locate yourindustry and target audience. Afterthat, you can sign up to join a particulargroup simply by clicking a link. Some groups allow instantaneousacceptance while others require theadmin to reply and approve yourrequest. Group discussions allow you tocommunicate with people all over theworld. You can begin networking byparticipating in the discussions, starting adiscussion, liking, commenting, etc. It doesnt take long for the benefit ofgroup participation starts to show up inthe form of increased traffic to your profilepage. 10. ILBs LinkedIn GroupBe sure to join Independent Life Brokerages group on LinkedIn by searchingfor us by name in the top right hand corner & clicking on our name in theresults page. 11. Keep Your Network Posted With Status Updates In the social media climate of 2012, keepingyour network posted with status updates is (orshould be) a routine procedure. When you click the link that says Post anUpdate directly underneath your name andtitle (or tagline), the blank update box appearsand gives you the opportunity to shareinformation about what youre doing, howyoure doing it, why youre doing it and whereyoure doing it. There is also an option for you toattach a link if you wish viewers to be directedelsewhere. To keep the update relevant for others, try tomake it informative, helpful and interesting. Thiswill help you stay top of mind in your networkand will distinguish you as a thought leader. Follow what others are sharing and addcomments. 12. Adding Connections When you receive an invitation to connect fromsomeone, look at his or her profile and send anote back and say thank you for reaching out. When you are connecting with someone, makeit personal. Dont just send blanket invitationslike the template version Id like to add you tomy professional network on LinkedIn. Keep templates of your thank you andinvitations saved in a Word document. This wayyou can easily cut and paste it and thenpersonalize. To add new connections you can: Click on the People You May Know Section and invite others to connect. See Who You Already Know on LinkedIn by searching your email contacts. Colleagues and Alumni If your profile is accurate LinkedIn will help you search using these criteria. 13. Adding Connections (Cont.) Remember that LinkedInis a database so searchfor others usingAdvanced PeopleSearch. Search bycompany, keyword, location, industry, title andmore. Use it to researchpotential referrals for anupcoming meeting. 14. Using LinkedIn Applications Useful for helping youpromote content andyour personal brand. Examples: Upload presentationsusing SlideShare. Share with others whatyou are reading withAmazon reading list. Applications are greatfor collaboration andpersonal branding. 15. SummaryLinkedIn is an excellent resource for connecting to trusted contacts and allows you toexchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals. 16. Get Social With ILBLike us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.Connect with us on LinkedIn.Come get social with Independent Life Brokerage and have access to up-to-dateindustry news, insights, and trends that will help to better your business. 17.