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A-SSIGN tm, an original tower clock.


  • 1. A-SSIGN Zilvertoren - A msterdam
  • 2. Original Low Tech High Potential A-SSIGN
  • 3. A-SSIGN
  • 4. A-SSIGN
  • 5. A-SSIGN
  • 6. A-SSIGN
  • 7. The ' A ssign Concept' assigns to a central city-tower the task to seek a close relationship with the inhabitants of its related city. This through a 24 hour full-rotation of its top, a top in the shape of the capital letter A . The letter A is most suitable of all letters depicting a towers peak, always pointing upwards to the sky. Off course, to make sense, the name of the concerned city should start with the letter A . The full front of the A -structure (recto or verso) is always heading East and West at 06h00 or 18h00, first displaying the rays of the sun to rise, last to display the rays of the sun to set. The structure can be regarded as a contemporary church tower indicating what time of day it approximately is. AM or PM should easily be determined by the onlooker himself. A dedicated city-map shows at what time the full letter front is appearing at different city-locations. "From my window I can see when to fix the evening meal." Get involved; share something smart with your fellow citizens. Be proud of your city, have fun! Eric Parein 12.10.2003