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University clock tower


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    The Ladner Clock Tower is a well-established landmark of UBCs Vancouver campus, but

    when first proposed in the 1960s, as with many things during that era, it was the focus of


    When that clock tower is completed and the clock rings out the passing of each hour, I hope it

    will remind the young students that not only does time go fast, but that the hours at our university

    are very precious and the use of those hours will seriously affect the success, the happiness and

    the future of their lives.


    University of Texas Tower

    The tower has become a symbol of Austin since its construction, almost as much of a

    symbol as the State Capitol, and is the centerpiece of the University of Texas at Austin.


    Monsters University (Institution)

    Clock Tower: A giant clock tower that shows the current time at the University.


    the University of Oklahoma

    Clock Tower: Legend has it that if a student walks underneath the clock tower located on the

    west side of Bizzell Memorial Library and looks up, he or she will not graduate on time in four



    Michigan Technological University

    The clock tower will be a defining feature on campus. Its placement has several important


    At the center of campus, to symbolize the heart of campus.

    On axis with the east/west campus mall, so it is visible from both ends of campus .

    On axis with the new arrival and drop-off, so it is a symbol of welcoming for first-time

    visitors and an important way-finding device.

  • Roberts Wesleyan College

    Campus Master Plan and Smith Science Center Concept Study

    Clock Tower:

    A clock tower could be integral with a building

    A clock tower could be integral with a much needed student gathering space.

    A clock tower will be a campus focal point, likely terminating one or more important


    Types of memorials


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