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  • 1. By Filipp Privezentsev Class: 8a School: 913 Teacher: M. Mushtaeva Moscow, 2014

2. The tower was built in 1490. The lower tier of the present tower was built in 1494. Originally it was the bell tower of the Cathedral in Vyborg. 3. In 1753 the first clock with a bell was installed. Inside the tower between the stairs there is a wooden shaft with heavy weights that activate the clock mechanism. 4. Several times the tower suffered from the fire. After the one in 1793, during which almost the entire city was burned down, the bell tower was rebuilt by Johan Brockman . 5. Catherine II gave the city an alarm bell with the inscription , which is preserved at the Clock Tower to the present day and is ringing for more than two centuries. The returning of the bell 6. Lets preserve the history This is a great monument, but unfortunately time doesnt have mercy on it. So lets try to find ways how to save our history for the future generations.


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