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New Bern Tower Clock restoration project in preparation for the 300th Anniversary year of New Bern, North Carolina, the colonial capital of the state.


WELCOMENew Bern Preservation Foundation 2009 Antique Show Tower Clock Restoration

2010 New Bern 300 Anniversary365 Days of Celebration


June 25th, 2010 Grand Opening of North Carolina History and Education Center

Background Information1909. The King Lumber Company of Charlottesville, VA was awarded the contract to construct the present tower in what is now City Hall and install a Seth Thomas (4) faced clock and bell. This work was completed in 1911. 1971.The Verdin Company, Cincinnati, OH was contracted to renovate the clock for it had deteriorated to the point that required it be be rebuilt. It was also converted from a manual crank eight-day clock to electric autowinding. The clock was reinstalled the City Hall tower in 1974. 1999. Due to ongoing mechanical problems and long repair time, the Seth Thomas clock works were taken out of service and replace by an electrical/digital system which now control the clock faces and bell.

Project ObjectiveRestoration of the Seth Thomas tower clock, retired form service in 1999. Following restoration, put the clock on permanent display in time for New Berns 300th Anniversary Celebration

New Bern, NC Tower Clock Restoration ProjectSponsors:National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Eastern North Carolina Chapter 191 Swiss Bear Downtown Development Corp., New Bern 300th Anniversary Celebration Connectivity Committee New Bern Firemans Museum Tryon Palace Historic Sites and Gardens Bern, Switzerland Delegation Tryon Tower Clock Volunteers Presentation by: Dobert Owsley, New Bern Tower Clock Restoration Chairman

New Bern, NC Tower Clock Restoration CommitteeEd Gray Mike B. Hatttem Glenn Irving Kenneth and Yvonne Johnston Francis J. Murphy Dobert Owsley , Chairman Robert Papasodero Fred Swartout Robert Weeks Sid Weiner

Restoration Support New Bern Public Works Hatteras Yachts Damco Inc. Precision Molding and Woodworks Sun Journal Channel 12 TV

Repairing Worm Gear

Project OverviewPhase One. Restoration and Temporary Display of ClockWorks (estimated time 6-8 months)

Activities.1. Plans and Administration. An on going activity which address project need and resources. 2. Removal. Clock parts cataloging, disassembly, removal from tower, transport to the Fire Museum, cleaning and cosmetic repair to tower clock room. 3. Restoration. Identifying mission or broken parts and making replacements, cleaning and finishing parts, reassembly, adjusting. Keeping a detailed photo and written restoration journal. 4.Temporary Display. Put the clock on display at the Fire Museum, less clock faces and bell, to gather public interest and recommendations for a perminenant display.

Things To DO Provide technical input to display design Fabricate motion works, hands and dials Bell restoration Advise on selection on 3rd party installer Document maintenance criteria and service schedule Develop interpretative historical narrative

DRAFT Interpretative Historical Narrative New Bern Tower Clock restoration story History of clock and watch making in Carolinas Technical tower clock information CAD presentation of clock works The gravity escapement

Interactive clock display for children Recognition of sponsors and restoration support