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Guide Clock Tower Raid & Etiquette

Guide Clock Tower Raid & Etiquette


This is a raid that can be done without much hassle (at least floors 1-11), or you can make it a pain in the ass for everyone. I decided to write this because I've been to a bunch of CT-runs that, while usually having good people, lacked knowledge and/or organization. Click on the "read more" below to see the full guide. Yes... it will be a long read, but it will also help everyone have a nicer raid experience. If there's anything I should change, if you spot an error or if you have any more information please PM me in the forum (sGE: Keizoku | G1: Minun).

Level: MasterCharacters: 1 character per personMax. Participants: 24Mission Failed: If you do not finish the floor in time or if everyone dies.Time limit: 30 minutes per floorRacial/Armor Type: Lifeless/HardPre-requisite: Clock Tower Entrance quest, Esmero/Souveran/Pegadilla membership (optional)Item/s for entry: 1x Spell Key (buy with 2 Moon Stones from Jenia in Byron F6) or 1x EJ (for those not Esmero/Souveran/Pegadilla)

General information and etiquette Before you enter and while you assemble prepare and check everything: Spell Key/EJ, key to whatever floor you want ot jump to (and WHO has it), if your quest is even done to enter it (!!!), if you have all your rings, an extra LoE-bracelet for Flare, Soul Crystals etc... The seal for the CT entrance will stay broken for a while after you use the key, so don't worry if you have to exit the lobby to make a new one. Every boss in Clock Tower are Lifeless racial and have Hard Armor property. Take your daily Clock Tower Investigation Quest from the guard outside CT for extra rewards:Time of Toothed Wheel + Either of these: Honor Cards, Veteran G/Expert G cards or Training A/B Cards. The quest for each floor gets completed when the roulette appears. If there is a Machine Device anywhere on the floor you can be sure it has to be clicked to activate something. If a boss is unattackable, find the Machine Device. On most floors you will fight two bosses, 1 in the bottom room and 1 in the top room, so even if you finish off one room there's still the other. Usually they have the same mechanic. Since it's an MCC1 raid, everyone has to be serious about their role. This means no scouts forgetting their rings, no Ele/Hellena forgetting a second LoE for Flare buff etc... Once the Destroyed Body of a boss appears, only normal hit it. Also, check who got the key. While waiting for the raid to start, don't go off to do random shit (WxPvP, JB, Bounty Hunter...) unless you can easily break it off.

Buffs/consumable items used Floor 1-9: ET Enhancement, Mystic Ampule, Big Watermelon Slice, Hrins/Steroid Floor 10-12: ET Enhancement, Principal Ampule, Hrins/Steroid Floor 13?: ET Enhancement, Principal Ampule, Hrins/Steroid, Triumph Filler, Status Ampules, Lifeless Ampule, Red Lollipop Any floor if necessary: Soul Crystal (especially ressers/tankers should have some)

Character summary & details 1-2 Tankers: Coimbran Trooper 2 Enhanced Tactics lv11-12: 1 Valeria (if going floor 10), rest Scout/Viki/Emilia/ETS 1 Rio (lv 12-13 with Encore) 1 Bernelli (Lv12 Hound) 1 Lisa (Lv11-12 Grinding: Magic Break) 1-2 Cannon users for floor 10 with expert stance Extra: 1 Lionel (Lv12 Leadership) | 1 Karjalainen (Lv10-12 Boost Magic) | Lorch (Lv12 Infiltration) All the rest (DPS): Hellena, Veatrice, Elementalist | 2nd choice: Calyce, Ralph, INT Catherine BANNED CT CHARACTERS: Pretty much anything not listed above Musketeers (crap damage on hard armor) Melee/range chars that have no buffing/debuffing-purpose

Possible stats of a tank.

2x TANKS: Coimbran Trooper(2nd choice: Fighter)

Stance: CrusaderArmor: At least +6 3DR (def as bonus is good) ELB/ESA/ELN recommended.Weapons/Shield: Any blunt will do. Shield should have DR, a +2DR Phantom Guard being the best.

Your role is, obviously, to keep the boss focused on you instead of the dps. Do not run ahead - wait until you get your buffs (although, you should have been buffed first). Provoke as much as you can - don't be lazy. Always get the boss to face towards the wall away from the dps, and lure it out of the room if necessary for that particular floor.

DPS: Hellena | Elementalist | Veatrice( 2nd choice: Calyce | Ralph | INT Catherine )

Stance: Forgotten Magic | Lord of the Elemental | Occult Magic | Occult Assistance | Evocation Lightning (INT Cath only)Armor: While high-grade armor is good, you will not necessarily even be hit. And if you do get hit but a skill, even ELN would likely die.Weapons: Atk/AR or ATK/Lifeless. Preferably base 32AR or above. 1 extra LoE for Flare.

When you want a buff, display it over your head with the !!text command, and remove it once you get the buff by typing only !! in the chat again. Remember to unequip any medal to be able to do this. Also, it helps if you go and stand away from the other DPS when you want a rebuff, because they might be unable to target you otherwise.

For stances to use, switch depending on what floor it is. Some floors only need single target dps (buff up Flare, switch to Forgotten Magic/Lord of the Elemental) while some need quick AoE monster clearing. Now, why use FM/LoE? It has been proven to do ALOT more damage in single-target dps. Since you have a Rio, using Magic Enhancement+Mystic Ampule+Hrin should definitely bring you to speedcap. All you have to do is normal hit. The skills in FM/LoE are still week. If you need to clear many mobs, switch back to Occult Magic.

2x ET BUFFERS: Valeria (must have for floor 10) | Scout/Viki | Emilia/ETS( 2nd choice: Veronif | NEVER: Catherine Summoner | STW/Soho | anything without resurrection )

Stance: lv11-12 Enhanced Tactics | Innocentio | Tactical AssistanceArmor: The best you can afford - the higher grade the better. You may be in need of survival. ELB or above recommended.Rosario/Weapons: Rosario with def+2DR recommended. A rod with 3AR for Emilia if she debuffs.

Ask everyone to stand still and display what buff they want using the !!text command in chat instead of saying it out loud. Buff the tankers first, then proceed with the dps. If a character dies, res them and buff the enhancement they need immediately. (unless many people died, then focus on ressing everyone first) If many people die, INCLUDING THE TANK, res and buff yourself and the tank first. DO NOT BUFF FORTITUDO, alot of people might be using Mystic Ampules.

Focus any possible Refresh Minds on the other buffers (listed below) instead of Elementalists or Hellenas, since they should be using FM/LoE anyway and not OM skills. (unless perhaps floor 2 and floor 6 - there having the strongest Ele/Hellena Abyss many times might be useful!)

OTHER BUFFERS: 1x Bernelli | 1x Rio EXTRA: 1x Karjalainen | 1x Lorch | 1x Lionel( Karja, Lorch and Lionel are not necessary for a successful run of 1-11, some may prefer Ele/Hellena for more general dps instead. If anything, Karja might be the most useful of the three. )

Buffs: lv12 Hound | Lv 12-13 Rio buffs | Lv10-12 Boost Magic | Lv 10-12 Infiltration | Lv12 LeadershipArmor: While high-grade armor is good, you will not necessarily even be hit. And if you do get hit but a skill, even ELN would likely die.Weapons/Shield: Any Lute will do for buffing, but high-grade atk/ar or atk/LL is still nice. Same goes with shotgun/rifle. If the Karja has well-chipped rapiers she may even join as some sort of supporting dps too. Rio can also join dps on evocation lightning.

It is necessary for these buffs to be at the highest possible level - especially Lionel is quite a waste of squad-space if not lv12.

Bernelli and Karjalainen should wait to buff Hound and Boost Magic when you're in front of the boss and everyone is gathered. Many Elementalists and Hellenas need to change stance - if you buff too early then it goes to waste. The buffers should also check their raid timers or look for the buff animation - if it's gone, ask them to gather for rebuff.

Rio should remember that he can also help with resurrecting people.

DEBUFFERS/OTHERS: 1x Lisa | ?x Emilia/ETS | 1-2x Jose/Claire

Deuffs: lv11 Grinding: Magic Break | Lv12 Whole Cancellation (for Auto Baron)? | Demolition Burst/Tested BurstArmor: The best you can afford - the higher grade the better. Lisa is close to the boss so she needs survival. ELB or above recommended.Rosario/Weapons: You may use arnis with one dagger of atk/ar or atk/LL to easier achieve better stats.

Grinding: Magic Break is obvious since there are so many Elementalists and/or Hellenas as DPS. As for Whole Cancellation, I know it is used at Auto Baron but since Ive never been there, I dont know more. The cannoneers are needed for floor 10. Maxed out expert stance is a must.

Floor Details

Once you kill a boss and the destroyed body appears - DO NOT SKILL IT. Normal hit it until it dissappears. Also, always check if you got the key, if your squad has the loot set on turn. At the end of a floor the person with the key will click the gate and open the lobby for the next floor. Then anyone can create a room.

Floor 1 [video part 1] [video part 2]

Boss: 2x Fire CandlerMechanic: Run to the top and activate the switch to activate mobs in the corridor. Kill them all to activate the boss. Once the bottom room boss is dead, proceed with the top room boss. After a while the boss will escape to the bottom room again, chase it and kill it.

Floor 2

Boss: 2x Gale Steamer (amount may vary - it can spawn clones)Mechanic: Activate the switch. Gates will spawn and out of them come many mobs. Spread your squads out - 1 top, 1 bottom - to kill the monsters before they reach another gate. If many monsters go into the gate they're headed to, then the Gale Steamer wil