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  • f l c l a n d m a r k t o w e r

  • Gay an tng manh me ngay t cai nhn au tien nh phong cach hien ai, sang trong va tao nha, toa nha FLC Landmark Tower nhan c nhieu li ngi khen la motiem nhan ve kien truc va xay dng trong nam 2010. Toa lac tai trung tam cua khu vc pha Tay Ha Noi, ni ang co toc o phat trien o th nhanh nhat thanh pho cung ha tang giao thong hien ai va ong bo, t FLCLandmark Tower co the de dang, nhanh chong i vao trung tam Thu o cung nh i en cac vung lan can. Khong nhng the, v tr ac a gia mot he thong c sha tang nh sieu th, san van ong, rap chieu phim, khu vc cay xanh, san chi khien ni ay tr thanh moi trng song khong the tot hn cho nhng ngi muontan hng mot cuoc song hai hoa gia lam viec, hoc tap va ngh ngi, th gian. Cong ty Co phan au t tai chnh Ninh Bac (thuoc FLC Group) - chu au t cua d an FLC Landmark Tower - la ket tinh t s hp tac gia cac oi tac manh, nhieunam kinh nghiem trong lnh vc au t xay dng, kinh doanh bat ong san va tai chnh, ngan hang. FLC Landmark Tower la mot trong so nhieu d an bat ong sanln ma cong ty ang trien khai tren toan quoc. La nhng ngi a tan tam hoan thien d an nay trong mot thi gian dai, t tong the cho ti nhng chi tiet nho nhat, chung toi t hao gii thieu FLC Landmark Towervi cac ban.

    Spectacular from first sight, with a modern, luxurious, and elegant style, FLC Landmark Tower has been praised for its architecturalprominence. Located in the center of Western Hanoi, where urbanization is at its fastest and traffic infrastructure is modern and system-atically-planned, traveling from FLC Landmark Tower to the city center and nearby areas is quick and convenient. Its prime location, sur-rounded by schools, supermarkets, stadiums, cinemas, and parks makes for an ideal living environment for people who want to enjoy alife perfectly balanced between studying and relaxing, working and entertaining.Ninh Bac Finance Investment Jsc. - owner of FLC Landmark Tower - is a combination of capable and experienced partners in the busi-ness of construction, real estate, finance, and banking. FLC Landmark Tower is one of its large-scale projects.Having long dedicated our best efforts to see every detail of this project completed, we now proudly present to you our accomplishment -FLC Landmark Tower.

    VE CHUNG TOIabout us


    Gay an tng manh mengay t cai nhn autien nh phong cach

    hien ai, sang trong vatao nha, toa nha FLC

    Landmark Tower nhanc nhieu li ngi khen

    la mot iem nhan vekien truc va xay dng

    trong nam 2010.

    Spectacular from firstsight, with a modern,

    luxurious, and elegantstyle, FLC Landmark

    Tower has beenpraised for its archi-

    tectural prominence.

  • DE DANG TIEP CAN easy accessFLC Landmark Tower is located at the center of Western Hanoi, near many major roads suchas Le Duc Tho, Ho Tung Mau, and Pham Hung. It is also connected to the backbone roadthat leads to the city center, the Lang - Hoa Lac Highway, ring roads, National Highways 18,32, and 70, and Noi Bai International Airport. It is easy to reach other areas of the city orother regions.

    FLC Landmark Tower nam v tr trung tam pha Tay Ha Noi, gan cac truc ng ln Le cTho, Ho Tung Mau, Pham Hung, thong vi truc ng chnh dan vao trung tam thanh pho, ngLang - Hoa Lac, ng vanh ai 3, cac quoc lo 18, 32, 70 va san bay quoc te Noi Bai. T ay,ban that de dang di chuyen en cac khu vc khac cua thanh pho cung nh ket noi vi cac aphng trong va ngoai nc.

  • V TR AC Aprime location

    i lai thuan tien mi ch la mot trong nhng u iem cua FLC Landmark Tower - toa nha nam gia cac trng ai hoc, trung hoc pho thong,nha tre, benh vien, san van ong My nh, rap chieu phim, sieu th, khu vc cay xanh, san chi Cha het, xung quanh FLC Landmark Towerla hang loat d an cao cap a va ang a vao hoat ong nh Keangnam Landmark Tower, Trung tam Hoi ngh Quoc gia, cac khu o th TheManor, My nh I, My nh II

    Convenient traveling is just the first advan-tage of FLC Landmark Tower. It is situated

    in areas filled with universities, highschools, kindergartens, hospitals, cinemas,

    supermarkets and parks. On top of that,FLC Landmark Tower is also surrounded by

    other major projects, including KeangnamLandmark Tower, the National Convention

    Center, The Manor, and My Dinh I and MyDinh II residential areas...

  • Lay cam hng t thiet ke cao oc kieu mau cua Singapore, phong cach hien ai, sang trong vatao nha cua FLC Landmark Tower en t nhng ng net tinh te, co tnh m cao, s phoi hpmau sac hai hoa, s dung cac vat lieu, thiet b co chat lng vt troi... tat ca tao nen mot tongthe kien truc ay an tng.

    Inspired by Singaporesmodel building design,

    the modern, luxurious, andelegant style of FLC Land-mark Tower comes from

    its exquisite and open de-sign, its harmonious mix-ture of colors, and its useof superior quality materi-als and equipment, com-

    bining to create animpressive architectural


    ANG CAP THIET KEhigh-class designs

  • FLC Landmark Tower c chia thanh hai khu: Khu van phong cong ty va Khu nha . iem khac biet cua FLC Landmark Tower so vi mot so toanha cao cap khac la ai sanh c chia ra thanh hai phan: Sanh danh cho cac van phong va sanh danh cho ngi chung c, cung he thongthang may rieng biet. Thiet ke nay a tao ra khong gian oc lap, tach bach gia khu lam viec va khu dan sinh.

    FLC Landmark Tower consists of two components: office space and apartments. What distinguishes the tower from other high-class buildings isthat the lobby is divided into two areas; one for the offices and one for the apartments. This design provides the working and living blocks withseparate spaces of their own.

    HAI HOA RIENG CHUNG perfect harmony

  • flexible officeTai FLC Landmark Tower, khu van phong cong ty c bo tr t tang 2 en tang 5 vi thiet ke thoang ang, khong gian rong rai, sangsua, cach phan chia van phong linh hoat, ap ng moi to chc, ca nhan vi nhng nhu cau dien tch khac nhau. ong thi, he thong ieuhoa trung tam cung ng truyen internet toc o cao se giup van phong cua ban at hieu suat hoat ong toi u.

    At FLC Landmark Tower, the office space is on the 2nd to 5th floors. Spacious and well-lit, the design allows for flexible office arrange-ments that meet a wide range of space demands. Central air conditioning and high speed internet support your staff to work at their best.


  • THIEN NHIEN GAN GUInatural environment

    Cac van phong va can ho cuaFLC Landmark Tower c thiet

    ke theo phong cach m, tandung anh sang, gio tri, ma

    khong b chia cat, go bo. Chungtoi tin rang s hai hoa vi moitrng thien nhien se tao tam

    ly thoai mai, th gian chonhng ngi song va lam viec

    trong toa nha.

    The offices and apartments inFLC Landmark Tower have an

    open design that makes themost of natural light and airflow

    without being fragmented andrestricted. We believe that thisharmony with the natural envi-

    ronment provides a comfortableand relaxing ambience for

    everyone who works and livesin the building.

  • We pay close attention to anyelement that helps you enjoy

    every moment of this valuablelife. It might be the high-

    class wooden floor that cush-ions your every step. It mightbe the multi-functional gym-nasium that improves your

    health and spirit. Or it mightbe the public service area,

    with coffee shops, restaurantsand bars that offer you a wide

    range of choice for outingswith friends and colleagues.And there is even more for

    you to discover.

    Chung toi quan tam en bat ky yeu to nao co the giup ban tan hng trong tng phut giaycuoc song quy bau nay. o co the la mat san go cao cap giup ban thay th gian trong moibc chan. o co the la phong tap the duc a nang giup ban luon manh khoe, yeu i. oco the la khu dch vu cong ong vi quan ca phe, iem tam sang, quan bar e ban co thethoai mai chon ni gap g, chuyen tro vi be ban, ngi than. Va con rat nhieu ieu thu vna ang i ban kham pha.


    enjoying life

  • en tham quan FLC Landmark Tower, banco e y rang yeu to phong thuy c apdung toi a. Moi trng song thoang ang,tran ngap anh sang, kh tri tao luong sinhkh hai hoa o ch la mot vai v du. Vi stan tam va am hieu sau sac, oi ngu thietke cua chung toi a tuan thu chat che cacnguyen tac c ban ve phong thuy, vi mongmuon mang en nhng ieu tot ep nhatcho sc khoe va tai loc cua gia chu.

    At FLC Landmark Tower, one can easily seethat the philosophy of feng shui has beenapplied to its fullest. A generous living spaceand ceilings filled with light and natural air-flow, to name just two. Our dedicated andknowledgeable designers followed the basicrules of feng shui in order to provide thebest in health and wealth for our customers.


  • HA TANG CHUAN MCstandard


    He thong ha tang ky thuat ong bo vahien ai la mot iem noi bat cua FLCLandmark Tower: 10 thang may toc ocao, 4 thang may cho khu van phongva 6 thang may cho khu dan sinh. Hethong ieu hoa trung tam, tang hame xe rong rai, ng giao thong noibo trai nha. Cac he thong ien, capthoat nc, ien thoai, vien thong,truyen hnh cap eu chay ngam, vaam bao tham my, va an toan chongi s dung.

    Modern infrastructure is a highlight ofthe FLC Landmark Tower: 10 high-speed elevators (4 for the offices and6 for the apartments), central air con-ditioning, a spacious parking base-ment, and underground electricity,water, telephone and cable TV net-works that provide aesthetics andsafety for all.

  • safety firstFLC Landmark Tower co may phat ien rieng, he thong bao chay hieu qua, ng ong chuyen racc s dung nguyen lieu chong chay, he thong chuong thong bao en tng ho gia nh, cameragiam sat cung lc lng bao ve chuyen nghiep, man can, am bao an ninh tuyet oi 24/7