tobacco & ncd raúl mejía cedes university of buenos aires argentina

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TOBACCO & NCD Ral Meja CEDES University of Buenos Aires Argentina Slide 2 Tobacco caused deaths 2000-2030 Base-line scenario 2005 5.4 million 2015 6.5 million 2030 8.3 million Optimistic scenario 2030 7.4 million Pessimistic scenario 2030 9.4 million Change by income 2002- 2030 High 9% decline Medium/low 2x 3.4 6.8 million Mathers and Loncar. PLoS Medicine. 2006 Slide 3 CARDIOVASCULAR RISKS OF SMOKING 100% Increase in Risk 300% Increase in Risk Stroke; CHD; Impotence Death from undiagnosed CHD > 300 % Increase in Risk Peripheral Arterial Disease 400 % Increase in Risk Aortic Aneurysm Slide 4 What works on tobacco control Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Comprehensive advertising bans Rotating health warning (>30%) Ban misleading terms light Protect citizens from exposure to secondhand smoke Combat smuggling Increase taxes Expose the tobacco industry (my own) Slide 5 Copyright 2004 BMJ Publishing Group Ltd. Sargent, R. P et al. BMJ 2004;328:977-980 Heart attack admissions during the 6 months (June-Nov) before, during (2002) and after smoke-free ordinance implementation. 2nd hand smoking is also important Slide 6 WHO FCTC First global public health treaty Signed by 168 countries Ratified by 157 countries Went into force in February 2005 Slide 7 Objective To protect present and future generations from the devastating health, social, environmental and economic consequences of tobacco consumption and exposure to tobacco smoke... Slide 8 Slide 9 Ratification of FCTC: an example of KTE Policymakers (legislators) are not well informed about the consequences of tobacco smoking. Few legislatores interested in reducing tobacco consumption. Few good quality local information and most of it in English. Few experts in tobacco control research Slide 10 Opportunities Tobacco control research worldwide Epidemic Political pressure Politicians like to look good Good things are happening already Need critical evaluation Be opened to criticism Slide 11 Challenges Tobacco industry Well organized Learned from the past 20 years ahead of us Slide 12 What happened in Argentina We have got the information We have published it We have disseminated through the media Politicians were interested Former Health Minister But.. Slide 13 Tobacco situation in Argentina 5 provinces produces tobacco We have not ratified the FCTC yet Almost 30% of Argentinean population smokes A 20 cigarettes pack cost 1 l. gas Partial bans for smoking in public spaces Partial bans for advertising Slide 14 What could work? Alliances with committed legislators More agresive journalists Improvement in how research results are transmited to policymakers Civil society engagment Slide 15 Civil coalition with the objetive of promote 100% free smoke areas in Argentina