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  • Organic & Fairtrade Competence Centre


    The Organic & Fairtrade Competence Centre

    Helvetas and Organic & Fairtrade Mandate of the OFTCC Activities 2009 SECO Leverage fund


    Rice (2006)Vegetables and fruits (2005)Cotton(2003)Coffee (2002)Cotton(2004)Cotton(2002)Cotton(2004)Cotton(2008)Cocoa (2009)Cocoa (2009)Mango(2002)Cotton(2009)Cocoa (2009)Pineapple(2005)


    Objective: Provide competent services to new and existing OFT value chains.

    Funding (Phase II) 40% SECO 28% Helvetas 32% others


    Knowledge management (info, tools, CoPs, websites etc.)Value chain and market development (coordination, strategies, new stakeholders, market development)Sensitizing stakeholders and aligning initiatives (events, media work, coordination with other networks and initiatives)


    Development of extension and management tools (ICS, crop guide, calendar for farmers etc.) Stakeholder coordination organic cotton, MoUs, GPP Preparations for OC website, campaign, congress, cocoa programme Consultancy missions China, Laos, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Mali New mandates (ICCO, Coop, China, City of Zurich etc.) Contribution to events: IFOAM, Organic Exchange, ICAC, SECE etc.


    Launch organic cotton web platform and CoP Start of organic & fairtrade cocoa programme Campaign to promote organic cotton World congress on organic cotton in Interlaken OFT value chain workshop and guide


    Global Organic Cotton Community PlatformDetailed information about organic cotton through links to existing resourcesInformation gaps closed with additional topics and toolsProvides an interactive virtual space and online discussion tool to communicate about organic cotton issues.


    Multi-country & multi-stakeholder programme with 3 componentsCountry-wise implementations (pillars)Stakeholder and market platform for the North (roof)Countries: Vietnam, Ghana, Honduras (start 09) Indonesia (planning 09)Contributors: SECO, Coop / Halba, Ford Foundation, Rabobank FoundationKnowledge management and exchange between producer groups (base)


    Posters in CH Point of sales promotion Web site with shop-map Media coverage


    21 25 September 2009 Casino Kursaal, Interlaken400 international practitioners working on new business & partnership models in organic cotton value chains > 32 workshops> Marketplace: 40 - 50 exhibitors> Ethical fashion show> Company flash presentations> Gala dinner on the lake of Thun> Company & store visitsFrom Fashion to Sustainability


    Joint project of ICCO and OFTCC Embedded in compre- hensive process Participants and experts from 23 countries Use of web 2.0 tools (pbwiki, dgroup, tagging) Presentation of draft guide at OC-CongressNeed assessment, common issuesSelection of participantsAgenda setting, State of the artLearning and exchangeElaboration of guide and toolsDistribution, web site, trainings


    Objective: Support organic and fairtrade commodity initiatives in least developed countries Conditions: development orientationconvincing business caseprivate sector involvemen Contribution: max. 50% of budget, max. 500000 CHF in 3 years OFTCC supports preparation of proposals, submission to SECO

    For details: see Leverage Fund Guidelines,

    Figures: budget 2007


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