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  • The 2011-2012 English Services Emblem

    Ceremony was held by the Tainan City Hall this Wednesday on the 26th of October. There were a total of 148 businesses who had passed the examination and been rewarded by gold and silver medals, 12 of them were gold and the rest were silver. The government also proclaimed with the award-winning business representatives that they would definitely promote the Tainan city to a global perspective city.

    In order to enhance the international services and create a friendly international living environment, the government focused on promoting some specific businesses such as shopping, accommodation, catering, tourism, recreation, medical services, and transportation. The Tainan City Government also assisted with those business who just joined the competition of English Services Emblem through the expertise of foreign consultants and teams, and for those businesses who have passed the examination would be awarded with recognition, certificates and mark stickers, which will be shown at the front door of those businesses. It would help the foreigners to indentify whether the businesses are able to provide English services or not, and feel free on consuming goods.

  • The total score of the English Service Emblem examination is 400, and the business needs to be marked more than 360 scores to get a gold medal, and 280 for silver. The 12 businesses who were rewarded by gold medal are Anping Pottery Works, Domo Spaghetti, Deli Farm, Forever Poem Italian Cuisine, Green House, Art Corner, Chun's Flavor, Green Atman, and Yuyi Savory Rice Pudding etc. The deliciousness of Tainans food is well-unknown, even foreigners cannot say no to it. But however, some specific snacks are pretty annoying for those foreigners who have just arrived Taiwan, because they would have no idea what they have eaten. In order to have a better understanding for foreigners about the culture of Tainans snacks, most of the local well-known businesses actively get involved in counseling certification, especially for Deyi Shrimp Cracker. They trained their workers with the classic SOP by using English recorder, which helps their workers to learn English much faster.

    In the event on-site, the government had arranged 17 award-winning businesses to come to the city hall and demonstrate the special characteristics of their food as well as correct names in English. The businesses were included Jilihou Mullet Roe, West Well Cuisine Honey Stewed Food, Song Ling Sugar Smoked Marinades, Zhang Cheng Foods, Black Bridge Foods, Anping Sword Lion

    Five Senses Okdiy Museum, Cord Workshop, Two Silver Cents Winter Melon Tea, Han Jin Grandma's Flan, INPO Pudding, Salt House B&B, Yang's Rice Dumpling, Yuyi Savory Rice Pudding--Main Store, and Sio House etc. Also, the government provided 100 coupons for publics to taste out the specific of Tainans snacks.

    Furthermore, the Tainan City Government has planned a dedicated website ( containing 148 stores who are certified with English Services Emblem, and as well as an English interactive area for business owners and workers to learn and improve their English abilities faster. In the future, the Tainan city government will keep on assisting those business with a topic about how to create a better English service environment, and attempts to affect more and more business to join the competition of English Service Emblem. Lastly, the ultima Thule of Tainan is to become a worldwide and international city that provides English services everywhere in Tainan, and also gradually get more and more publics to know English better.



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