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  • 1. Special edtion Chinese New Years events NEWS LETTER Vol.14
  • 2. Tainan Spring Festival Events 2010 Happy Chinese New Year! Are you staying in Tainan over Chinese New Year? If so, then lucky for you because Tainan City has arranged a series of New Year events at its famous historic monuments. So check out these 14 events, take your pick and celebrate in style! NB. A Detailed daily schedule is located at the end of this newsletter edition. The Chinese characters refer to the names of local performing bands 1. The Year Of The Tiger Calligraphy Time: 7th February 2010, 10:30am Location: Koxinga Shrine Description: Chinese calligraphy is the quintessence of Chinese culture and a piece of its exquisite art. According to tradition, during the lunar Spring Festival, every household should display new couplets with the symbolic meaning of Out with the Old; In with the New. The organizers of this event have invited famous Tainan calligraphers, who will gather at the Koxinga Shrine and welcome spring with a wield of the brush, while presenting and giving away their work to the public. This is a great opportunity to collect the work of these master calligraphers, so dont miss out! Events 2~11 will take place between 02/14 ~ 02/20 2. Sword Lion Dance (+ Mayors Blessings & Red Envelope) Locations: Chihkan Tower, Anping Fortress, Eternal Golden Castle Description: During the Lunar New Year, the most popular activity for most people is undoubtedly being on the receiving end of Red Envelopes (red packets packed with money inside)! Apart from passing on your New Year greetings to those around you, the Spring Festival is also an opportunity to pray for good luck. For years Mayor Hsu has passed on his greetings to visitors at the Eternal Golden Castle and given away Red Envelopes on the rst day of every Lunar New Year. This year, in addition to the Eternal Castle, the Mayor will also be giving away limited Red Envelopes at Anping Fortress and Chihkan Tower. Furthermore, each day at Eternal Golden Castle, Chihkan Tower, Anping Fortress and Anping Tree House, there will be 50 prizes ready for the rst 50 ticket purchasers or event participants.
  • 3. 3. Sword Lion New Year Greetings Locations: Chihkan Tower, Anping Fortress, Eternal Golden Castle Description: The Anping Sword Lion and Xiao Feng Xian are cultural mascots of the Culture and Tourism Department. This New Year Greeting is available at every Spring Festival. At these historic monuments, tourists can take photos with these Sword Lions and leave with wonderful memories. 4. Catching New Year Monster (Getting Past The Nian) Locations: Chihkan Tower, Anping Fortress, Eternal Golden Castle Description: According to ancient legend, there once lived a ferocious horned monster and when the food in the mountains became scarce in winter, it was believed that this monster would break into villages, hurt the inhabitants and steal their food. However, with the passing of time came experience and the people soon discovered that the Nian (New Year Monster) was afraid of three things: the rst was bright red colors, second, bright lights, and the third, loud noises. Taking advantage of the Nians weaknesses, they painted the shutters of their houses red, left the lights on and placed re-burning torches at the entrances while further reinforcing the scary e ect with loud, banging noises. As a result, the New Year Monster was no longer sighted up to now at least. This year, Tainan will bring back the (New Year Monster/Year), but rest assured, your safety is paramount. Contrary to the scarier popular belief, you will nd the New Year Monster of Tainan to be charming in appearance with several small gifts attached to its horns, wings and body. So dont be afraid, come and touch this auspicious beast for good fortune. (The red packets that are stuck on this monster will each contain a coupon that can be used for exchanging prizes at the information counter). 5. A Spring Festival with the Sword Lion Location: Sign up at Anping Fortress Description: Situated within the alleys of Anpings old settlement, the Sword Lion attracts many tourists, as it is the most representative and well-known cultural icon of the Cultural Tourism O ce of Anping. This year a lively and fun event has been specially planned for those in search of this icon, who will lead you for a visit to its home and experience the simplicity of folk culture.
  • 4. 6. Fill Tainan with Music Locations: Chihkan Tower, Anping Fortress, Eternal Golden Castle Description: This Historic Site Musical experience has been very popular since its inception with its music standards on par with professional groups. Many local performers have now already established loyal fans of their own! So come and check out the performances of these emerging musicians. You might end up a fan too! 7. Tainan Top 10 Souvenirs and Delicacies Exhibition Location: Eternal Golden Castle Description: Tainan boasts the greatest number of historical monuments in Taiwan, while its local delicacies are so notoriously delicious that they are simply incomparable with ones elsewhere. And now, for your convenience, all the best local delicacies can be found at the Eternal Golden Castle. As the event title suggests, the top 10 souvenirs and delicacies of Tainan (as voted for by the general public) will all be there. This is the place of choice for anyone who wants to try Tainans most delicious food and buy all of its most representative gifts in one go! Interested? Make a note on your event calendar then! 8. Golden Castle Time Cannon Location: Eternal Golden Castle Description: The Eternal Golden Castle was the rst modern, western-style fort in Taiwan. It was completed in 1877 and armed with three Armstrong large Cannons and four small cannons. The specially arranged Time Cannon will allow visitors to experience the feeling of the ancient battle eld as it announces the time exactly at every hour. 9. Sword Lion Photography Locations: Anping Fortress, Chihkan Tower Description: The Sword Lion has always been a popular mascot. This year, to allow the public to take photos with the Sword Lion, a Sword Lion poster stand is specially placed at Chihkan Tower and Anping Fortress. Here, one can have fun and experience the embodiment of a Sword Lion. 10. Wenchang Visit Location: Chihkan Tower Information Desk Description: Students in particular should visit this temple and worship Wenchang (The Examination God) for his sanctuary and blessings in order to achieve great examination results. Through the ceremony, one should also pray for all beings, cherish the memory of the past and most importantly, look to the future.
  • 5. 11. The Twist & Turn Of Sword Lion (Clown Performances) Location: Anping Fortress Description: All children love clowns for their magic performances while their ability to turn a long balloon into various shapes of small animals is both inspiring and intriguing. Clowns have been especially invited to perform at the Anping Fortress. So come along and bring your children to collect their own specially made balloon. 12. Recreational Facilities On Water Boat Rowing And Swan Boats Locations: Eternal Golden Castle Moat, Tainan Park Lake of Swallows Description: Here tourists can enjoy the recreational water activities around the 728m moat of the Eternal Golden Castle and imagine the grandeur of the ancient fort. Elsewhere, Tainan Parks Lake of Swallows, which for many Tainan locals is a place lled with childhood memories, is an ideal place for enjoying the breeze and beauty of the surrounding scenery. 13. Historic Monuments Bike Tour Service Locations: Chihkan Tower, Koxinga Shrine, Anping Fortress, Anping Tree House, Eternal Golden Castle Description: To enjoy this service (4hrs bike rent), one only needs to show your ID, pay the deposit and rent, and o you go! This is a great way to gain a closer understanding of this delightful, old-fashioned city. On your bicycle, you can roam through the old alleys, historic monuments and old city walls or along the sparkling canals, coastline and mangrove swamps. And dont forget to stop at various spots along the way and taste the local delicacies! 14. Taiwan Sorghum Liquor Culture Exhibition & BBQ Sausage Event and Spring Festival Souvenir Exhibition Location: Anping Fortress Description: The major tourism wineries always nd good wine to be inseparable from a good-tasting BBQ sausage, which we are sure many of you readers will agree with. And now, to make everyones wish come true, the organizers have placed the two together at Anping Fortress. Want to know the raw material and manufacturing process as well as the historical and cultural background of the international renowned Taiwan sorghum wine? Well, heres your chance, as there will be a professional commentator on site. Moreover, there will also be free wine-tasting sessions and souvenir gifts for sale. A perfect event for all wine lovers!
  • 6. 2010Tainan Spring Festival Event Schedule Eternal Golden Castle 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 Date/Time