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  • Grand Opening of Yeh Shihtao Memorial Hall on Aug. 11th

    Yeh Shihtao

    For more information, feel free to call (06) 221-5065.

    There are 2 floors in the memorial hall. The 1st floor is the main exhibition floor, displaying Mr. Yehs commemorative souvenirs. On the 2nd floor, there is a restoration of his room. There is also a little theater showing video introducing Mr. Yeh and his accomplishments in Taiwanese literature.

    Tainan has always been very precious to Mr. Yeh. Even though Mr. Yeh lived in Kaohsiung for most of his life, characters in works live and walk in Tainan. Also, he once said that Tainan is the perfect place for people to dream, to work, to love, to marry, and to live worry-free. With all his love for Tainan, Tainan city builds a memorial hall for him in return.

    Mr. Yeh Shihtao, a Tainan-born Taiwanese literature legend and writer, set milestones and dedicated his life in Taiwanese literature development. In order to commemorate and pay tribute to such a legendary person, Bureau of Cultural Affairs of Tainan City Government has been working on establishing a memorial hall for more than a year, and now Mr. Yehs memorial hall for more than a year, and now Mr. Yehs memorial hall will be open to the public on August 11th.

  • In Love City ! We Hold Our Hands and Grow Old Together in Love !!

    To dip all citizens in the month of love, Tainan Municipal Library is holding series of activities across this August for Chinese Valentines Day, or Qixi. We welcome you to join together in Tainan, and to be surrounded by the romantic atmosphere.

    From August 16th to 26th, the library will take turns playing romantic movies of 5 different countries (Thailand, Japan, India, America and France) at every library branch. Special library book fairs about Chinese Valentines Day and old persons love will also be set up in all branches, providing specific books to public. In the weekend of August 18th and 19th, the library has arranged 4 DIY courses for the citizens to make their hand-made special presents or cards of Valentines Day. The courses can be booked from today!The courses can be booked from today!

    Moreover, at 4 oclock in the afternoon of Chinese Valentines Day (August 23rd), a lovely couple of famous writers Mr. L and Mrs. Wu are invited to give a forum about love and literature. To book for the DIY courses, the seminar on August 23rd, or to look for more detailed information, please head to the page of Tainan Municipal Library ( or call 06-2255146 # 124.

  • Special Exhibition of Retired Teachers

    Ma Fungyui

    Mr. Ma, a retired art teacher from Tainan Second Senior High School, has actively kept doing artistic creations and promoting art educations in the society for 50 years, before and after his retirement. Today, he is invited to hold the Retro-spective Special Exhibition of Senior Artists, showing all of his followers Mr. Mas paints.

    Mr. Ma retreated from Mainland China during Chinese Civil War when he was young. Though he was innocent that time, the cruelty of wars made him tried very hard to express his wishes for peace soon after he entered the field of art. I was just like falling in love with arts. Said Mr. Ma, after he spent more than half of his life arranging 30 times and above of paint exhibitions and educating the public about arts.

    From today until September 9th, there will be around 100 selected art works of Mr. Ma shown in Tainan Municipal Cultural Center for free. Director of the cultural center has pointed out that only the artists above 70 years old and contributed a lot toward Tainans arts promotion can be invited to hold the Retrospective Special Exhibition of Senior Artists.

  • Meiling Plum Chicken

    When it comes to have Tainans delicacies along with its breath-taking scenes in mountains, some of the locals will bring up the specialties from Meiling (The Summit of Plum Trees) the plum chicken!

    In the early years of Tainan, the plums were collected to make pickled plums and to sell on the market or to share with families, yet were never brought into any cuisine, not before an old man inspired by another traditional cuisine called ginger duck. Therefore, the plum chicken is started from frying ginger slices with oil, following by enhancing its taste with some Chinese herbs and rice wine. In the end, these flavorings and chicken were stewed with perilla plums (the plums pickled with perilla) forming a delicious pot of plum chicken!(the plums pickled with perilla) forming a delicious pot of plum chicken!

    Plum chicken tastes more or less like ginger duck. However it has more complicated tastes with more sourness and sweetness of the plums, which makes it more appetizing.

    Now Meiling has more plum cuisines than plum chicken only. So why not pick your favorite dishes, then enjoy a slow and relax walk among the lovely plum blossoms after having your plum specialties?

  • Tainan Foreigner Assistance Center2F, No.6, Sec. 2,Younghua Rd., Anping Dist, Tainan City

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