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  1. 1. SXSW INTERACTIVE IN A NUTSHELL 5-days ofInspiration Ginormous How was CC?
  2. 2. TRENDS Mobile Payments Responsive / Rich Web Design Immersive App Experiences Crowdsourcing User-Centered Design Toms Shoes
  3. 3. SESSIONSRay Kurzweil Expanding Our Intelligence (podcast) ,0 HTML5 CSS3 MobileKeynotes, 3 Responsive CommunityDevelopment, JavascriptManagement 7 Frameworks Gamification Tools Data Other, 8Visualization eMagazines EmergingTrends
  4. 4. INCREASING ENGAGEMENTBoosting Engagement with Gamification - podcast Encouraging people to do something Games vs. Applying game-like strategy Offer something worthwhile and sustainableApplying Behavior Design - podcast Technology brings our behavior online Technology lowers the barrier to action Data and analytics Photo credit: http://technorati.com/business/advertising/article/has-your-site-been-gamified/
  5. 5. A RICH, USER-CENTRIC EXPERIENCEFrom Print to Digital The Magazine podcast Successful Tactics User-centric Interactivity where it makes sense Related content Exclusivity Not just for magazines!
  6. 6. DATA VISUALIZATIONData Visualization podcast Not about the numbers Make it visually interesting Augment the story Tell a story Image credit: http://eagereyes.org/criticism/fascinating-world-of-good- infographics
  7. 7. Image credit: http://eagereyes.org/criticism/fascinating-world-of-good-infographics
  8. 8. INFOGRAPHIC RESOURCESEagerEyes Robert Kosara http://eagereyes.org/criticism/fascinating-world-of-good-infographicsGOOD Magazine http://www.good.is/infographics http://awesome.good.is/transparency/web/1101/census-data/flash.html http://www.good.is/beg-borrow-steal/econographic/Higher Ed Examples http://collegewebguy.com/2012/04/25/university-infographics-yes-you-should http://www.babson.edu/Academics/centers/blank-center/global-research/PublishingImages/Online-Learning-Survey-Infographic.png
  9. 9. QUESTIONS?