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  • 1.SX6s // South by in 6 second increments QuickTime and aAVC Coding decompressor are needed to see this picture.

2. SXSWi13 Stats30k attendees in 2013 // 2012: 24k // 2011: 19k1,833 Interactive Sessions60% 24-35 male60% HHI $100k+48% repeat attendees21% international registrants (from 72 countries)#1 most talked about:Grumpy Cat followed by Elon Musk, and Al Gore 3. WWW.DIGITALLABLIVE.COM 4. SXSW is where you go experience thefuture for a few days before you haveto go back home to the present.- DENNIS CROWLEY, FOUNDER/CEO FOURSQUARE 5. 1.) Big data is important2.) Design to change behavior3.) Dont say viral4.) Be awesome5.) Create distribution6.) Collaborate7.) Value the experience8.) Humanize tech9.) Act like startups10.) Be passionate10 KEY TAKEAWAYS 6. Big Data is Important 7. We have all of humanitys knowledge in our hands. Its our responsibility to make that useful. - Amit Singhal, GoogleBIG DATA ACCORDING TO GOOGLE 8. BIG DATA ACCORDING TO AL GORE 9. BIG DATA ACCORDING TO US 10. Design to ChangeBehavior 11. Through data, we can track our ownbehaviors to make actual changes inour real lives.THE SHIFT FROM BIG DATA TO QUANTIFIED SELF 12. WHEN YOU CHECK INAT 2 AM...AND GET FOUR HOURS YOUR WEIGHT GOES UPOF SLEEP...TWO POUNDS ONE WEEK LATER.UNDERSTANDING YOUR OWN DATA 13. Googles talking shoe motivates you tomove FEEDBACK & FEEDFORWARD 14. Stop saying Viral 15. 1.) Most things are not Viral.2.) You never know in advancewhich ideas will work.3.)Try lots of things & optimizeTHERE IS NO GOING VIRAL FORMULA 16. 85% of these views were paid forBUYING THE SEED, IS 1/2 THE BATTLE 17. It should be 50/50 split onfiguring out the idea &how to make it spread.Not 95/5SPREADING THE SEED, IS THE OTHER 1/2 OF THE BATTLE 18. Be Awesome 19. You could have a hugemarketing budget, but if nobodywants to share your content andideas then its not working.-Jonah Peretti, Buzzfeed CEO 20. BROADCAST BORED-AT-WORKTHE NEW MASS NETWORKS 21. If its not MOBILE it wont SPREAD SweetSpotUNDERSTAND THE PLATFORMS 22. Quality contentdoesnt have tohave highproduction value.GRUMPY CAT MOST SHARED AT SXSWi 23. REAL-TIME RESPONSE OREO SUPERBOWL AD 24. Social is a way ofthinking, not a channel ora trick.JONAH PERETTI, BUZZFEED CEO 25. 1.) Have a heart, be emotional2.) Content is about identity3.) Relate to your audience4.) Be nimble & responsive5.) Capture the moment6.) Cute animals deserve respect7.) Humor is inherently social8.) Nostalgia9.) Dont post things people areembarrassed to share 26. Create NewDistribution Models 27. By building from assets up,TMZ grew beyond a website,and now has a TV show, radioshow, and bus tour. 28. "The goal, is tobecome HBO fasterthan HBO canbecome us." Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO 29. Collaborate withConsumers 30. Hawaii Five-0 rantwo different finales,on each coast basedon social feedback 31. CROWD SOURCING CONTENT 32. Value the Experience,not the Thing 33. As our audiences becomeharder to reach,we have to create experiencestheyactuallywant to have. 34. 90% rent a brand theyve 90% rent a brand theyve never rented or owned before never rented or owned beforeCREATING AN EXPERIENCE ECONOMY 35. Using real women & photosboosted conversion rates PEOPLE WANT AUTHENTICITY 36. Buying things is so passLululemon// Yoga Classes // In StoreSnow Skis // Demo // SlopesideJ Crew // Whiskey // Liquor Store 37. Humanize Technology 38. As we spend more time withdigital, the value we place onexperiences with real people& things increases.THE DIGITAL BACKLASH 39. Weve always thought wewere digital natives.But were not. Then. Now .THE MYTH & REALITY 40. How do parents raise digitally-savvy children without relying onthe convenience of technology as ababysitter? THE ANXIETY 41. Technology should bethere when we want it, andout of the way when wedont.THE SHIFT IN OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH TECH 42. Hardware can marry digital with physicalMakerBot// 3D Printing QuickTime and a H.264 decompressor are needed to see this picture. 3M Innovation// Virtual Help DeskFUTU// 3D Printing Shoes 3M Innovation// Virtual Help Desk 43. Whats holding computers back isthe limited number of ways inwhich we can use them. LEAP MOTION & THE FUTURE OF GESTURE CONTROL 44. LEAP MOTION & THE FUTURE OF GESTURE CONTROL 45. GOOGLE GLASS IS ALMOST HERE. 46. IT WILL CHANGE THE WAY WE ACT 47. THE WAY WE COMMUNICATE 48. QuickTime and a H.264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.GOOGLE GLASS IS ALMOST HERE. 49. Act like Startups 50. Just because something hasbeen done the same way fora long time, doesnt mean itsthe only way.NICK CAVE 51. The Traditional Approach Planners write a briefCreative conceptPresent ideas to account and clientWATERFALL APPROACH 52. AGILE APPROACH: CONCEPT > TEST > ITERATE 53. Scrum: multiple smallteams working in anintensive andinterdependent manner. 54. Adopt a LeanMentalityDidnt accept credit cards at launchPhones in drivers cars died after 4 hours JWTs Pop-up Agency for Startups 55. Be Passionate 56. ELON MUSK//BADASSIf humanity doesnt land on mars, that will be my greatest disappointment.CEO and CTO of SpaceX, CEO and Head Product Designer at Tesla, CEO of Solar City 57. First 3 Rocket Launches Failed 58. TINA ROTH EISENBURG1.) Embrace enthusiasm2.) Dont complain, make things3.) Surround yourself with likeminded peopleOwner of Swiss Miss, Creative Mornings, Teux Deux app, & online Tattoo shopTattly 59. 1.) Big data is important2.) Design to change behavior3.) Dont say viral4.) Be awesome5.) Create distribution6.) Collaborate7.) Value the experience8.) Humanize tech9.) Act like startups10.) Be passionate10 KEY TAKEAWAYS