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  • 1. Planets and their Moons

2. Earth, Moon, Sun Whos orbiting who? Satellites? Moons? Whats the difference? The Moon is the Earthssatellite (Earth is kind of one of the Suns Satellites) A Satellite is an objectthat revolves around a planet. 3. Lunar Vs. Solar Eclipse Lunar Eclipse when the moon passes behind the earth such that the earth blocks the suns rays from reflecting off of the moon.Solar Eclipse when the Moon passesbetween the Sun and the Earth, and fully or partially covers the Sun (specific viewing point). 4. Lunar Phases. (Whats the sun got to do with it?) 5. Lunar Phases The phases of the moon change as a result of the moon revolving around the Earth. Depending on where the moon is in itsrevolution, more or less of it will appear to be glowing to the viewer on Earth. (this is how much of the sunlit side of the moon is facing Earth). 6. Tides- whats the moon got to do with it? Tides are the rising and falling of oceanwater every 12.5 hours. There are both high tides, and low tides. The tides are caused mainly by differences in how much the moons gravity pulls on different parts of Earth. 7. High Tides and Low Tides High tides occur on the side closest to the moon as well as the side of the Earth directly opposite. Low tides occur between the two hightides on the sides between. 8. Spring Tides vs. Neap Tides Spring tides are the tides with the greatest difference between the high and low tides. This is because of the combined gravity of the Sun and the Moon acting on the Earth. Neap tides are the tides with the smallestdifference between the high and low tides. This is because the Sun and the Moon are at a right angle to the Earth. Both occur twice a month.