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Space: The Final FrontierThe Earth, the Moon and the SunSection 1: The EarthYou will need to know:

The shape of the EarthIts diameterWhat it looks likeAnd the distance between the sun and the earth

You should take notes on your whiteboardThe EarthThe earth is shaped like a sphereWe know this because

Ships disappear over the horizon but dont fall off the end of the earthYou cant see mountains from anywhere, you only see them as you approachThe Earths SizeThe earth is nearly 4 times bigger than the moonThe sun is more than 100 times bigger than the earthThe earths diameter is 12, 742 kmDistance from the sun and moonThe moon is 30 earth diameters away from the earthThe sun is 12 000 earth diameters away from the earthSection 2: Night and DayYou will need to:Explain why there are 365 days in a yearBe able to draw an example to explain thisExplain how we get day and nightExplain from which direction the sun rises and setsDraw a picture to show how we get night and dayNight and DayThe earth rotates on its axis and that takes 24 hoursTo us, it looks like the sun rises in the east and sets in the west

Seasons of the YearThe earth also rotates around the sun, which takes 365 days a yearThis is what determines our seasons

Section 3: The MoonYou will need to know:What shape the moon is and its sizeWhy there are 28 days in a lunar calendarThe Moons SizeThe moon is a sphere, just like the earthIts diameter is 3, 476 kmIt is four times smaller than the EarthThe Moons Orbit

The moon orbits around the EarthThe only reason we can see it, is because of the sunHow much of it we see also depends on the sunIt takes 28 days for the moon to orbit the earthSection 4: The SunYou will need to know:What shape the sun is and its diameterWhat the sun gives the earthThe Suns SizeThe sun is a sphere, like the earth and moon but it is MUCH biggerIt is 1, 391, 684 km aroundWhat does the sun give the earth?Light which is the ultimate energy sourceLight helps the plants grow, which give animals oxygenIt also provides vitamin DHeat without the suns heat, we would cool off to the same temperature as outer space too cold to survive