earth, moon,& sun interactions

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By: Harleen Sohi & Navpreet Sidhu . Earth, moon,& sun interactions. Early Times. p eople thought earth was the center of the universe b elieving that everything else including the Sun, the Moon, and other planets revolved around earth t hat was called the Geocentric Model. Early Times. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Earth, moon,& sun interactions

Earth, moon,& sun interactionsBy: Harleen Sohi & Navpreet Sidhu Navpreet&Harleen1Early Timespeople thought earth was the center of the universebelieving that everything else including the Sun, the Moon, and other planets revolved around earththat was called the Geocentric Model

Harleen2 Early TimesEarly AstronomersClaudius Ptolemy Greek, from 2nd century C.ENicolaus Copernicus - Polish/ Renaissance,1st person to formulate a comprehensive heliocentric cosmologyGalileo Galilei Italian, helped play a major role in science revolutionJohannes Kepler - German, a key figure in the 17th century scientific revolution


3The Moononly natural satellite of Earthfifth largest satellite in the solar system

Harleen4Formation of the Moonmost accepted theory : Giant impact theoryplanetary body(same size as mars) crashed into the young earthlarge pieces of earth scattered in spacepieces than ended up orbiting earth and building into a sphere over a million years

Navpreet5Surface of the Moonlunar highlands : light, heavily cratered areas of the surface no atmospherecovered in craters

FUN FACT : All the mountains on the moon have names !


6Moons Phasesmoon doesnt have its own lightreflects light from the sun29.5 days to revolve completely around earthincreasing sunlit- waxingdecreasing sunlit- waning

Navpreet7Earth and Moon InteractionsEarth is affected by the moons gravitational pull (moon and earth are so close to each other)ocean waters are attracted from lunar gravitylow & high tides form

Harleen8Earththe planet we live onthird planet from the sun in the solar systemdensest and 5th largest of the 8 planets in the solar systemNavpreet9Rotation & TiltEarth spins west to east on its axisfull rotation takes 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds (one whole day)sun rises in the east and sets in the west (day & night)

Harleen10Axis Tiltaxis is tilted at 23.5sunlight strikes earth at different anglespositioning of the sun: north = winter, south = summer, equator = sun all year

Navpreet11Solsticessummer solstice: longest day of year = June 21winter solstice: shortest day of year = Dec. 21south have opposite solstice dates

Fact: During the summer in far northern regions of the world, the sun may even be visible at midnight.

Harleen12Lets Check Your UnderstandingAnswer the following questions on your handout.What is the same size as mars?What is it called when people thought all the planets, moon, and sun revolved around earth?Which astronomer presented new observations?What is the summer solstice date for the north?Explain the earths rotation. Which way does it spin? How long does it take?

Navpreet13AnswersC. Planetary BodyGeocentric ModelNicolaus CopernicusC. June 21Earth spins from west to east on its axis and takes 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds to complete on full rotation.

Harleen14THE END!HOPE YOU LEARNED LOTS !Harleen&Navpreet15Sources:evolvernetwork.orghdwpapers.org123rf.comscienceblogs.comen.wikipedia.orgglogster.comblogs.agu.orgNo one16