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DefinitionsStrategy: Reaching out to whom and why

Tactics: When and how to connect

To Choose Tools:


Strategy development involves:

Identifying audience(s) Who do you reach now?Who do you want to reach?

Clarifying goal(s)What do you want your audience(s)to know/learn/do?

Developing message(s) What do you want to convey?

Strategy Reality CheckAudience(s)Identified accurately and precisely? Accounted for differences within groups?

Goal(s)Where do we want to be? By when? Achievable? What/who is in the way?Success measurable?

Message(s):Clear and jargon-free?Actionable?

Audiences:Patients, caregivers, physicians, allied health professionalsGoals:Learn more about hospitalChoose practitionerPre- and post-operative care infoDisease managementMessages:Not: state of the art cutting edge Board certifiedInstead: contribution to community, reputation for specialties

Tactics Crafting tactics involves:Knowing how your audience learnsDiscovering where your audience is onlineIdentifying optimal times to connect

TrackMaven: Best Times to Post:

Tactics Reality CheckLearning StyleVisual/Auditory/Kinesthetic?Special Needs

Online LocationDesktop/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone

TimingLife/work scheduleCalendar considerations/Seasons

Gateways to learning: visual (seeing and reading), auditory (listening and speaking), kinesthetic (touching and doing)

Best PracticesDevelop a strategy and craft tacticsbefore choosing social media tools.

Start with this:To avoid this:

Lesson 18


Inefficiencies are opportunities with flashing lights

Best PracticesIntegrate social media across all platforms website, e-newsletters, email blasts, print, direct mail, etc.

Style and tone consistent across platformsEach platform invites engagement with every other platform

Is anyone doing this now in any way?What could an example be of this?

Strategy Document: The Plan

Goals: Aligned with organizations mission; include timelineResources: Human, technology, $$Measurement: To reduce uncertainty about strategic decisionsbefore and after


Douglas W. Hubbard, How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of Intangibles in Business

Measurement only matters when making or evaluating decisions.

For every decision, you have a chance of, and cost for, being wrong.

Confidence intervals

But thorough planning and measurement, even when not strictly necessary, saves time and effort if you need to make the case later.

Developing Your PlanStart with your job, your organizations mission or a key organizational strategy.

What were you hired to do?Why does your organization exist?What has leadership identified as key to future health/success?How can social/digital tools help you achieve these goals?

Measuring Value

Quick cost and benefit analysis:

Cost of shooting and editing:


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