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High School


  • St PaulsSTATE IN F IDE

    Growth through Achievement


  • There must be an inspiration,

    a vision at least of greatness and, above all,

    more than a glimpse of the ultimate goal of

    human endeavours.

    Viscount Cobham, G.C.M.G., T.D.

    Governor General of New Zealand at the laying of the foundation stone of

    St Pauls Collegiate School, May 1958.

  • St Paul's is more than the sum of its parts. It is an holistic experience of personal

    development where all students are given the opportunity to develop their own

    individuality, to identify their aspirations and to strive to achieve them.

    St Paul's sets challenges and provides a framework to learn how to confront them.

    It offers personal growth through achievement and spiritual formation. It provides pastoral

    care during a time of growth and development. It offers excitement and adventure.

    St Paul's sets high academic standards for its students and it expects them to be met. Life at St Paul's is

    all-encompassing, for boarders and day students alike. All students are immersed in activities and programmes which

    develop their spiritual, physical and emotional well-being as well as their intellectual and academic competencies.

    But most of all St Paul's offers traditional values - the precepts upon which to build a good and worthwhile life.

    The School aims to inspire its students to reach beyond their own personal boundaries and find the rewards

    which come from facing new experiences, meeting individual challenges and giving and receiving support

    and companionship.

    G. J. Fenton


    St Pauls

  • 2In 1831, Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote: If men could learn from history, what lessons it

    might teach us! But ... the light which experience gives us is a lantern on the stern, which

    shines only on the waves behind us.

    At St Pauls, we believe in using the lessons of history to light the way ahead. The School has

    taken the strengths of the past and placed them in a modern and forward-looking setting, to prepare

    todays young people for their place in tomorrows world. St Pauls heritage of success demonstrates

    that caring and supportive conditions bring out the best in people. To this end, the School provides an orderly, safe,

    non-threatening environment in which students can face their daily challenges and develop to their full potential.

    All day and boarding students are fully engaged in the life of the School and their contribution is carefully

    monitored to help develop a sense of mutual trust and achievement. The routine requirements of academic and

    School life, combined with the wide range of pursuits and activities available to students, ensure that the School

    day at St Paul's begins early and ends late. This strong student commitment contributes to the sense of shared

    responsibility which is a key concept at St Pauls. The School's carefully structured environment and support

    network helps individual students to meet the expectations of the School, their peers and their family.

    The Old Collegians provide another strong support network for St Paul's students. Past students and their families

    are always welcome at the School - both as valued members of the extended School family and as inspiration for

    current students, who gain extra motivation from seeing how others have benefited from the St Paul's experience.

    St PaulsA sense of community

  • St Pauls


    A home for every student

    Central to the social structure of the School is the House system. All students belong to one of nine

    Houses in the School - four boarding and five day Houses. Each House is an extended family

    of staff and students, all known to each other, who share bonds of duty, loyalty and

    friendship. Students normally remain in the same House throughout their time at

    St Paul's, as it becomes the focus of their social and support network.

    At the heart of St Paul's is the new Student Centre - the Turangawaewae or community

    heartbeat of the School. The five day students' Houses are located in the Student Centre,

    giving these students the opportunity to take time out from their daily commitments to be in

    a place they can call their own. The Centre also features a large, well-appointed seminar room,

    along with the Careers Advisory Centre, the School Shop and the Administration Offices.

    Through the House system the School provides a home for every student - a place where

    they can each access the support and guidance of teachers and their peers.

  • 4St PaulsThe spirit of boarding

    Boarding at St Pauls is a highly rewarding experience. Each House has its own character and style which

    has evolved over the years. The House is the focal point of life for boarding students.

    Each boys House takes up to 75 students with 15 from each of the year groups. Each House has a senior and

    assistant housemaster, two resident tutors and a matron. Year 9 and Year 10 boys share 8-bed dorms,

    Year 11 boys have 3-bed dorms, Year 12 boys have 2-bed dorms with their own study and Year 13 boys have

    their own rooms.

    Harington House, the girls boarding House, is structured to meet the needs of senior female students.

    The senior girls at St Pauls have the opportunity to work and achieve across the various School disciplines,

    both within their House environment and within the predominantly male student community. The two years

    at St Pauls are designed to give them the confidence and life skills to make an effective transition

    from School to university and beyond.

    All boarding students have two hours of homework every weeknight which is

    supervised by a staff member and a prefect. Individual assistance and tuition is available

    while students are helped to develop their own problem-solving abilities. Each House has

    a fully equipped computer room with a number of computers, printers and educational

    software, to help students prepare homework and assignments. E-mail and internet access

    is also available to encourage students to stay in touch with distant family and friends.

  • The Chapel of Christ the King plays a central and important role in the corporate life of St Pauls.

    The School meets in chapel each day for either an assembly or for worship. Cultural events and

    performances are also held in this fine building making full use of the world class organ and concert piano.

    St Pauls was founded on the values and conventions of the Anglican Church but spiritual life is sensitive

    to the diverse backgrounds of the students. A feature of our School is that students have always been

    encouraged to participate in chapel life and many students will, at some time, be involved in planning

    and taking a chapel service which will include giving sermons. The chapel furniture was made by

    students in 1967 and todays students are making their contribution by painting new murals.

    Both in the chapel and classroom programmes the emphasis is to help students make faith connections

    with the day to day activities of life. The Year 10 programme, for example, connects and relates the

    rich and unique Tihoi experience to our Christian journey. Every endeavour is made to assist students to

    learn to stand firm in the faith which is what our School motto State in Fide means.

    Throughout the year a variety of special services are held for the School community which include the

    Founders Service and The Confirmation Service. Each House also has a number of special services that

    parents are especially invited to. Sunday evening services are boarders services and parents and friends

    of the School are welcome at these services.

    St PaulsFirm in the faith


  • 6St PaulsGrowth through education

    St Pauls strives to prepare students to take their place confidently and successfully in society, with the prospect

    of a happy and rewarding future. Academic achievement is vital to that preparation. St Pauls provides a teaching

    and learning environment which encourages students to achieve their best.

    St Pauls students have a fine academic record. Their results have been most impressive. In most years over

    90 per cent of students who sit external examinations pass them. Year 13 students are consistently successful in

    the University Bursary examination. More than 80 per cent regularly achieve a Scholarship or an

    A or B Bursary pass. The students at St Pauls recognise the opportunity they have been given and understand

    the responsibility placed on them to make the most of that opportunity.

    The school provides a learning environment in which students set and attain personal goals. Students are taught by

    outstanding teachers in modern high-quality facilities. Small classes, a carefully structured academic

    programme and highly trained teachers mean the School can build up a clear profile of the

    abilities and needs of each student and adjust curriculum delivery to suit the individual.

    Great care is taken to ensure that parents and students are involved in planning courses

    of study. Career profiling programmes ensure that students can identify and take courses

    which will help them towards attaining entry to their chosen career.

    Through the pursuit of academic excellence, St Pauls helps all students extend their personal

    academic boundaries and then achieve results above and beyond them.

  • Learning for Life

    St Pauls seeks to bridge the traditional values of