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  • 1. St Pauls London

2. St Pauls The Cathedral is one of the most famous andmost recognizable sights of LONDON, with itsdome, framed by the spires of Wrens CityChurches, dominating the skyline for 300years. At 365 feet (111 m) high, it was thetallest building in LONDON from 1710 to1962, and its dome is also among the highestin the world. In terms of area, St Pauls isthe second largest church building inthe UNITED KINGDOM after LIVERPOOLCathedral. 3. ArchitectSir Christopher Wren was the Architect WhoRebuilt London.After the Great Fire of London, Sir ChristopherWren designed new churches and supervisedthe reconstruction of some of Londons mostimportant buildings. Born:October 20, 1632 at East Knoyle inWiltshire, England Died:February 25, 1723 in London, at age 91. 4. The St. Paul is constructed in BAROQUE STYLE. A style of architecture and art originating in ITALY in the early 17thcentury and variously prevalent in EUROPE and the New World for acentury and a half, characterized by free and sculptural use of theclassical orders and ornament, by forms in elevation and plansuggesting movement, and by dramatic effect in whicharchitecture, panting, sculpture, and the decorative arts oftenworked to combined effect. 5. DetailsLength 555ft (160m)Nave width 121ft (37m)Width across transepts 246ft (75m) 6. The WHISPERING GALLERY runs around the inside of the dome 99 feet (30.2 m) above thecathedral floor. It is reached by 259 steps from ground level. It gets its name because of theacoustic effects peculiar to domes; a whisper against its wall at any point is audible to a listenerwith an ear held to the wall at any other point around the gallery. A low murmur is equallyaudible. 7. SpecificationsHeight365ft (111m)Dome height (outer)278ft (85m)Dome height (inner)225ft (68m)Dome diameter (outer)112ft (34m)Dome diameter (inner)102ft (31m) 8. Structural FeaturesButtress given for extra Deep recesses in the walls Thick walls are provided strength for screen walls. for windows.internally. The large crossing dome is composed of three layers: the first triple dome ever to be constructed. The inner and outer layers are catenary curves, but the structural integrity to support the heavy stone structure atop the dome is provided by a intermediary layer which is much steeper and more conical in shape. The dome is restrained round its base by a wrought iron chain to prevent it spreading and cracking. 9. Structural FeaturesVault 10. Number of towers 2Tower height221ft (67m) 11. Details of the towers at thewest end (illustration, left)and their dark voids areboldly scaled, in order toread well from the streetbelowandfrom adistance, for the towershave always stood out inthe urban skyline. They arecomposedoftwocomplementary elements, acentral cylinderrisingthrough the tiers in a seriesof stacked drums, andpaired CORINTHIANCOLUMNS at thecorners, with BUTTRESSES above them, which serve toDescription unify the drum shape withthe square block plinth 12. Corinthian columns The base of the inner dome is 173 feet (53.4 m) above thefloor. Its top is about 65 m above the floor, making this thegreatest height of the enclosed space. The cathedral is some574 feet (175 m) in length (including the portico of theGreat West Door), of which 223 feet (68 m) is the nave and167 feet (51 m) is the choir. The width of the nave is 121feet (37 m) and across the transepts is 246 feet (75 m). Thecathedral is thus slightly shorter but somewhat wider thanOld St Pauls. 13. The clock mechanism wasbuilt in 1893 by Smith ofDerby incorporating a designof escapement.clockmechanism is 5.8 meters longand is the most recent of theclocks introduced to STPAULS CATHEDRAL over thecenturies. 14. Group Members VARUNBRAMMADATHAN HARI PRASAD