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St Pauls Preschool 2014-2015

St Pauls Preschool 2014-2015Walking With Jesus

We have fun every dayListening at circle time to Bible stories, singing songs, learning new ideas/concepts, using the calendar, etc.We do art- painting, gluing, collage, water coloring, easel, etcWe try new foods at snack, cook, share, pour and practice mannersWe run, climb, build, pretend, explore, etc.We make friends, share joys, comfort tears and learn about Jesus

It all starts with Jesus!We arent church relatedwe are Faith Integrated!

Junior Kindergarten Circle Time:We see who came to school today*We ask a question of the day*We work on the calendar*We do the Pledge of Allegiance *We hear our Bible story, sing and pray*We use the BUZZ word*We review the Letter of the Week* We explore our theme through literature*We play games and discuss ideas*We share*We celebrate our Star Child*We listen to each other

What Goes on in Junior K?EngineeringMath and Speculation

Creative Minds..Open Ended ArtFriends and Artists

PuzzlesPuzzles are my favorite Preschool toythey show so much about childrens minds work. A puzzle shows how they problem solve, details they noticethere are many kinds of puzzles and many ways to solve them!-Mrs. Haar

Dramatic Play

Snack TimeWe try new things, cook, talk about food groupsWe use manners, take turns, learn self help skills

Preschool Classes Are.Learning to be a friendLearning to take turns and listenMixing silly fun with serious learningTrying new thingsMeeting Jesus every dayBeing independentBeing part of a groupEmotional, social, spiritual and cognitive developmentSensory Experiences

Working and playing together is Preschool work!CooperatingTurn TakingSharingPlanningBuilding

Playground Fun..

How preschoolers learn best.Pretend is important and fun!Sensory experiences are the best!

Fine Motor Skills start earlyChildren learn best through hands on experience. Sensory experiences can develop their fine motor skills. This is important before writing and cutting can be accomplished. We use playdough as a fun way to strengthen their hand muscles. Rolling, pinching, cutting, molding are all a part of our playdough table fun!

Preschoolers love being at school!

Sandbox fun! *Building castles or volcanoes*Digging for dinosaur bones*Making cakes*Pouring and mixing*Construction site*Tea party

Preschoolers having playground funWe love to run and play on our structureWe build train track paths under the structure

Reading is Fun!!*Books are treated with care*Books grow imaginations*Bright illustrations are best*We like rhymes*Simple text

Even when we feel unsure , we know we are safe and loved at school

Ice cream anyone?

Fun and learningIn the ClassroomOn the Playground

Junior K Kids

Forever Friends

The FUN never endsEach day we meet Jesus, play with friends, learn new things, receive love and support from our teachers, eat healthy foods, exercise and rest.