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St. Edward's University Student Success Center Social Media Consortium - information on social media tips


  • 1. Reasons why you should use URL shortener: Help save character space on Twitter To see how many people are actually clicking on the information you are providing them. Seeing this metric allows you to understand if you are truly engaging your audience Popular link shorteners:, Google URL Shortener,, Tiny URL is a URL shortening service that offers tracking metrics so you know exactly how many people are clicking on your link. Its a free service where you can share links directly from their site to your Twitter profile. Google URL Shortener is Googles official URL shortener. You dont need to create an account, its Free, and it offers you data on how many times your link has been clicked. You can go back to the site whenever you need to gather information on your links.
  • 2. Free URL shortener You dont need to create an account but will not save your URLs No account creation required is Hootsuites built in URL shortener that you can access via your Hootsuite dashboard or on the site. This link shortener allows you to upload images, track real-time clicks that doesnt include clicks from bots, and you have the ability to post it to your various social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. You can also use the shortened URL in emails or on your website and use Hootsuites URL click stats to track how many clicks those links receive.
  • 3. HootSuite Bulk Upload Can be used for Facebook (personal and page management), Twitter, and LinkedIn Must be saved as a .csv file Row B can have no repeats
  • 4. Unlike HootSuite, you can only schedule one post at a time. This is a free service. Can only be used for Twitter.
  • 5. Student workers can assist you with social media by: Developing bulk upload for the week Searching for relevant articles or events Promoting events as a Facebook page editor Managing social media accounts Managing promotional tables Creating fun memes Searching for gifs Developing and monitoring contests and giveaways
  • 6. What you post doesnt necessarily have to be related strictly to your department. Share posts from other university departments Use your Twitter feed for ideas Copy and paste; dont reinvent the wheel Examples of sites used by CaPD: The Muse, CareerRealism, Huffington Post College, Austin Business Journal What do you post?
  • 7. If you follow them, they will come. Utilize your fellow university department followers and follow them back. Engage other departments to follow you or to promote your page Utilize your student workers by posting in Facebook groups Be visible on campus encourage them to pull out their phone and follow you Ensuring your Facebook page and Twitter feeds are informative and fun engages users who will in turn help to promote your page.