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Movie Maker Quicktips


<ul><li> Movie Maker Quick-Tips Mrs. Peters North Star Public School </li> <li> 1. Open Windows Movie Maker2. Import video clips byFile &gt; Import into Collections 3) Find folder with video clips 4) Hold down Shift while clicking to import more than one video clip at a time. 5) Drag clips to Storyboard. </li> <li> Save Your Project6. File &gt; Save Project Save project (this is the MOVIE MAKER PROJECT and not the finished movie): Save in the same folder with your video clips (folder is located in My Videos on the hard drive of your computer. </li> <li> Play Stop Back - Frame by Frame Forward Split Video Clip </li> <li> 7) Add Transitions(must be in Storyboard view )Drag to the little boxes </li> <li> SAVE YOUR MOVIE!8. File &gt; Save Movie File 9. Location: My computer </li> <li> 10. Choose a file name: 11. Save in: My Videos </li> <li> 12. Movie Setting:Best quality for playback on mycomputer (recommended) 13. Movie will be saved: </li> <li> 14. Check: Play movie when I click Finish.15. Click Finish and your movie will play! </li> </ul>