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Refine the way you search the web. Learn how to use Google even more effectively to find what you're looking for faster than ever before with these useful tips.


<ul><li> 1. Quick Guideto efficiently finding information on Quick Guide by Online Treasure Hunts</li></ul> <p> 2. Wild Cards using *president*The * lets you broaden yoursearch...presidentspresidentialpresidential campaignpresidents office...or ll gaps for you.Quick Guide byOnline Treasure Hunts 3. limited search - URLLimit your search to a specic site using site:XYZ.com if you know that this page will be the ofcial source of information (like fa.com for the rules of soccer, if you wantto know the regulations for ball size) Your search results will then be onlyfrom that specic URL without theclutter of all the other results regarding different ball sizes. Quick Guide by Online Treasure Hunts 4. limited search - DomainThe same tweak works with domain endingsusing site:.edu for example if you only wantresults from university/educational sources.Quick Guide byOnline Treasure Hunts 5. limited search - le type Limit the results to specic types of documents like e.g.only PDFs by puttingletype:pdf behind the searchterm. This helps if you know whatyoure looking for willprobably be within one ofthose letypes like forexample our soccer rules. Combine it with the sitesearch for maximum precision. Quick Guide by Online Treasure Hunts 6. - helps to specifyUse the - to keepresults from showingup that you know youre NOT looking for. If you look for free falling alone youll get a lot of Tom Petty related results. The - keeps themfrom your list giving way to other content. Quick Guide by Online Treasure Hunts 7. Picture SearchDrag &amp; drop an imageyou want more information on right INTO the search bar atimages.google.com Google will return related results with information on what can befound on the picture as well as similar imagesQuick Guide byOnline Treasure Hunts 8. Advanced SearchAdvanced Search gives you a lot of options, you would otherwisehave to remember like (AND, OR,use google.com/advanced_search language, letype &amp; for more complex or renedcombinations of these) searchesQuick Guide byOnline Treasure Hunts 9. Advanced Search 2unfold the lower options to get even more specicDate: dene how old an entry is supposed to be (e.g. only 1 day old) Usage rights: especially helpful for pictures - limit to free usage for example Quick Guide byOnline Treasure Hunts 10. Do you have questionsoradditional inputson how to use Google efficiently? ing et facebook.com/JananasGoldchtou twitter.com/JananasGoldQuick Guide byOnline Treasure Hunts</p>