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<ul><li> 1.</li></ul> <p> 2. Custom DesignedPodiums<br /> 3. Epson Projectors<br /> 4. Dell PCs with NetworkAccess<br /> 5. Advanced Peripherals<br /> 6. Document Cameras<br /> 7. DVD, VHS and Blu RayPlayers<br /> 8. Wireless Access forLaptops<br /> 9. Smart Classroom Quick Tip<br />No image coming through the projector<br />Please use the following tips:<br /> 10. Quick Tip #1<br />Be sure Switcher is on.<br /> 11. Quick Tip #2<br />Check connections on projector.Check the lamp light to see if the overheat light is active.<br /> 12. Quick Tip #3<br />Check all equipment to insure that they are powered on.<br /> 13. If issues persist contact the Help Desk at<br />341-5555.<br /></p>