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  • 1. Our Presentation :)

2. Our great class 3. ALL OF US 4. Julka Julka likes running, sleeping and reading fashion magazines! 5. Jakub Jakub likes walking in woods, to do airsoft and his favourite colour is black! 6. Domi Domi is a great actress and she likes riding bicycle. 7. Dvid Dvid likes climbing mountains, but his biggest love is cooking. 8. Majka Majka likes dancing and she also loves animals. 9. Filip Filip likes walking in woods and also riding bicycle. 10. Paulka Paula loves little children and she is also a firewoman volunteer! 11. Mirko Mirko likes taking photos and walking with his friends. 12. Kika Z. Kika loves playing guitar and she is good at performing funny scenes. 13. Anet Anet is a very good singer and she also plays the theatre. 14. Sani Sani likes dancing and she enjoys photographing. 15. Kika F. Kika likes snowboarding and sleeping. 16. Mima Mima loves dancing and she spends a lot of time by cultural activities.