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  • 1. Slovak foodKatarna KonkovVI.OA

2. Slovak traditional food Bryndzov haluky (gnocchi with bryndza = sheep cheese) Loke (pancakes made of potato-dough) Bryndzov pirohy (pierogi made of bryndza) Paren buchty (steamed buns) Zemiakov placky (potato pancakes) Trdelnk (sweet pastry from Slovak town Skalica) emovka (sweet pudding made from apples and white bread)Vypran rezne (fried steaks) Lango (deep fried bread cake, originally from Hungary) Segednsky gul (segedin goulash with dumplings, from Hungary) Kapustnica (cabbage soup) oovicov polievka (lentil soup) 3. Pancakes of potato-doughGnocchi with bryndzaPierogi with bryndzaPotato pancakesSteamed bunsTrdelnk from Skalica 4. Deep fried bread cakeSweet pudding from applesFried steaks Segedin goulash Lentil soupCabbage soup 5. Slovak meals People in Slovakia usually eat three meals a day: breakfast only light food lunch the main meal of a day dinner They also have two snacks: The first one at about 10 am The second one at about 4 pm 6. Slovak breakfastA typical Slovak day starts with breakfast.Many people usually eat only some light food, because they havent enough time to prepare something more difficult.There are usually some pieces of bread or rolls with butter or jam. Ham, cheese, mustard and chopped onion is popular, too.People also like eating omelette and scrambled eggs. They drink hot teaor cold milk, some adult also drink coffee to wake themselves up. Somepeople dont have breakfast, because they havent enough time to eatit the morning. 7. The first Slovak snackSlovak people eat the first snack of a day at about 10 am. During the work week, they usually eat it at their work or at their school.People eat mainly the food they brought from home. The most commonsnack is a piece of bread or some rolls with something (butter, ham, vegetables, etc.), fruit or yogurt. At school, pupils can go to the school snack bar and buy somethingthere. They really like unhealthy food, for example cookies or salt food. 8. Slovak lunchThe main meal of a day is lunch, eaten around noon. It consists of soupand the second meal. There are many types of soup, for example stock, meat or tomato. People sometimes eat a piece of bread with it. The second meal is usually the meat, for example fried chicken or fish. People eat it with side dish, for example with rice, potatoes or salads.During the workweek, people usually eat lunch at their school or at their work. 9. The second Slovak snackSlovak people eat the second snack of a day in the afternoon, usually at about 4 pm.People eat similar light food like in the first snack: bread or rolls withsomething, fruit, vegetables or yogurt.Very popular snack food are sweets. Some people eat sweets all theday, but commonly in the afternoon. 10. Slovak dinnerThe last food of a day is dinner. People eat it in different times,but commonly in the late afternoon or in the evening.Different people eat different food for dinner. Popular food is pasta,salads, meat or only some pieces of bread with something.Some people eat what they didnt eat for lunch. Other ones just order pizza. 11. Slovak Easter foodSome of Slovak symbols of Easter are bunnies and eggs.Women colour eggs and after being switched by men, they give eggs tomen as reward. Children usually eat chocolate eggs and bunnies. Another symbol of Easter is a lamb. People usually buy or bake a cake looking like it and eat it.Some people also prepare sandwiches, raisin bread (vianoka) or salads. Popular food is also hrudka (cheese made from eggs). 12. Slovak Easter food symbols Eggs = life, fertility, health and resurrection A lamb = symbol of Jesus (he was our scapegoat) Bunny = spring, life, health, modesty and humility 13. Slovak Christmas foodThe most important meal of Christmas Day is dinner. People have itat about 5 or 6 pm on 24th December. The traditional Christmas dinner consits honey wafers (obltky), cabbage soup, carp (or other fish) and gingerbreads.There are many food traditions in Slovakia. 14. Slovak Christmas food symbols Cut apple = health Seeds inside of apple reminding star = health Seeds inside of apple reminding cross = illness Garlic = health, protection and family harmony Nuts = wisdom Horseradish = to give someone courage Fish scales = fortune Beans or pea = rich harvest Honey = love and good relationships in family Honey wafers = body of Jesus Amount of schnapps = amount of new blood 15. Our school canteenThere is a big canteen at our school. There are many white tables for students and one special only for teachers. There are two windows in the wall: you get your lunch in the first one and when you eat it, you leave empty plates in the second one. There are also two carts, one for soup and second for drink.After the sixth lesson, there is usually a big line of students. Sometimes, they must stay also in the hall and in front of the building. There isusually really big noise.Our cooks cook different food every day. We have the best food on Friday, for example cakes. Students need a chip to get their lunch.The lunch chip 16. The drink cart and menuMmm... it looks good.Our school cooks duringthe St. Nicholas Day The soup cart 17. Our school snack barThere is also a snack bar at our school. It is placed in the same buildingas a fitness centre. During the big break, there is usually a big line of students.There is a lot of healthy food, for example Milka, Coca Cola or Red Bull. Popular food is also fornetti. Students can stay in the snack bar and eat their food, but they usuallytake it to their classroom. 18. Thank you for yourattention!Bon appetit!