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Slovak republic. M.Kalivodová. General points. European country Slovakia has population of over five million and an area of about 49,000 square kilometres - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • European countrySlovakia has population of over five million and an area of about 49,000 square kilometresSlovakia is alandlocked countrybordered by theCzech RepublicandAustriato the west,Polandto the north,Ukraineto the east andHungaryto the south.Member of European union

  • MountainsRiversCities

  • Official language is SlovakHungarian is widely spoken in the southRusyn is used in northeast

    In this coutry is freedom of religionMost of Slovaks are Roman Catholics (60,4%)9.6% is nonreligiousProtestants (6%)

  • Best known Slovak hero is Juraj JnokSlovak national theatreSt. Cyril and Methodius brought language and letters to the territory of SlovakiaThe first to invent Slovak language was Anton BernolkBiggest of Slovaks is udovt tr, who invented Slovak langage

  • Slovak national meal is well known as bryndzov haluky or dumplings with sheep cheeseSlovak daily food consists of breakfast, lunch (soup, main meal, sometimes dessert) and dinner (usually only one meal)Chicken is the most widely eaten poultry, followed by duck, goose, and turkey.

  • DateRemembrance Day25 March (1988)Struggle for Human Rights Day13 April (1950)Unfairly Prosecuted Persons Day4 May (1919)Anniversary of the Decease of Milan Rastislav tefnik7 June (1861)Anniversary of the Memorandum of the Slovak Nation5 July (n/a*)Foreign Slovaks Day17 July (1992)Independence Day4 August (1863)Matica Slovensk Day9 September (1941)Day of the Victims of Holocaust and of racial violence19 September (1848)Day of the First Public Appearance of the Slovak National Council6 October (1944)Dukla Pass Victims Day27 October (1907)ernov tragedy day28 October (1918)Day of the Establishment of an Independent Czecho-Slovak State29 October (1815)Birth of udovt tr30 October (1918)Anniversary of the Declaration of the Slovak nation31 October (1517)Reformation Day30 December (1977)Day of the Declaration of Slovakia as an Independent Ecclesiastic Province

  • Christmas is the most important Slovak holiday4 weeks before Christmas Eve is time called advent where people light every Sunday one candle on wreathIt is tradition to held Christmas market in cities month before ChristmasSlovaks decorate Christmas treeEat festal meal (carp with potato salat)Pack Christmas giftsTraditions: eat honey with cornet and garlic; give nuts in corners; cutting an apple; sometimes tiying a chain around table (to keep family together)In Slovakia brings presents Jesus

  • Easter - marec/aprlFrigtening holiday for women men wash them with cold water or parfume and hit them with stock whipAfter hitting men are given chocolate eggsLittle children are given presents (from Easter rabbit)Religious people go to church they bring food there and it is consecrated there

  • It is time from The Three Magi (Christmas Day of the orthodox Christians) to caputjejuniiIts time of festivals, celebrations and carnivalsAfter this time comes Lenten season

    People go to the cemetery to lght candles on graves to commemorate their relatives

  • It is the ending of old year and beginning of the new oneSlovaks dont sing Auld Lang Syne, but they count seconds to midnight and wish each other the best in new yearOf course popular are fireworks and other pyrotechnics

  • DateHoliday1 January (1993)Day of the Establishment of the Slovak Republic6 JanuaryEphiphany(The Three Magi and Christmas Day of Orthodox Christians)March, AprilGood FridayMarch, AprilEaster Monday1 May (1886)Intenationals Workers Day8 May (1945)Day Of Victory Over Fascism5 July (863)St. Cyril and Methodius Day29 August (1944)Slovak National Uprising Anniversary1 September (1992)Day of the Constitution of Slovakia15 SeptemberDay of Blessed Virgin Mary, patron saint of Slovakia1 NovemberAll Saints Day17 November (1989/1939)Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day24 DecemberChristmas Eve25 DecemberChristmas Day26 DecemberSt. Stephens Day