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  • 1. TOP 10 of SLOVAKIAUNESCOs World Heritage List

2. Properties inscribed on the WorldHeritage ListIFyou want to say that you've been toSlovakia, you should visit at least three ofthe following cities - the most interestingcities, unique nature, spa and UNESCOsights that survived centuries. A list oftourist attractions in Slovakia is rich anddiverse. 3. 1.THE CAPITAL of the Slovak Republic - BRATISLAVAalso referred to as the Beauty on the Danube and the crowning city ofHungarian kings, including the important ruler Maria Theresa. 4. 2.THE TATRAS AND LIPTOVAll year long, the Tatras and Liptov are ideal places to relaxfrom the hustle and bustle of today's world. 5. 3. KOICEThe second biggest city in Slovakia has its unique feel. A prominentlandmark of the picturesque city centre is St. Elisabeth Cathedral the easternmost Gothic cathedral in Europe and the biggest church inSlovakia, with capacity of over 5,000 people. 6. 4. BANSK TIAVNICAThe historic mining town, due to its magnificent city centre andtechnical sights of the neighbourhood inscribed to the UNESCOheritage list. In the 16th and 17th century it became famous for goldand silver mining. 7. 5. SPI CASTLEOn a way to the east of Slovakia you will pass by the remains of a majesticcastle inscribed into UNESCO List. With the area of 40,000 square metres,it is one of the biggest castle compounds in whole Europe. 8. 6. SLOVAK PARADISEThe National Park Slovak Paradise got its name quite justifiably. Itsthick woods will make you feel like on the different planet. Far awayfrom hustle and bustle. Only you and virgin nature. And adrenalin. 9. 7. BARDEJOVThis town in ari region can pride itself with a generous rectangularsquare inscribed to UNESCO Heritage List. Such combination of theGothic and Renaissance styles is seldom to be seen. 10. 8. WOODEN CHURCHES IN SLOVAK PART OFCARPATHIANSthese picturesque churches, unique architecture and technicallyexceptional Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox churches inscribedto the UNESCO Heritage List. Many of them are built withouta single nail and their decor is breath-taking. 11. 9. CAVES OF THE SLOVAK CRASTIt's difficult to find another country where there are so many caves availableto public on such a small area, with maintained trails and spectaculardripstone decoration. 12. 10. HEALTH SPA PIEANYWorld-famous healing mud, water and monumental hotels in beautifulparks by Editors of Lonely Planet were included among TOP 20spas in Europe.