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STREAMING MEDIA FOR ORGANISATIONS CONFERENCE 3 & 4 November 2009 The Wanderers Club Johannesburg South Africa


  • 1. Vodacom Business Converged Satellite Streaming Media OpportunitiesforOrganizationsSean R. Victor Principal Specialist4 November 2009

2. Strategies for Growth 3. Innovation Record 4. Converged Solutions 4 5. Vodacom Business 5 6. Positioning of VB-Sat Services Ideal for Digital Media Solutions Branch SiteMPLS & InternetBranch SiteData Center Flexible design for bandwidth customization on a site-by-site basis Different speeds and service plan options (including overlay) Expand gracefully as network requirements evolve Integrated Class of Service for prioritizing performance-sensitive data Customized Minimum CIR, Constant Bit Rate, Min/Max/Guar data rates per application Ideal for VoIP, Video and Digital Media applications 7. Thanks to Hughesand Helius!Overview & Case Studies Digital Media Solutions 8 8. Digital Media - Opportunities Overview Corporate Communications Managed Digital SignageTraining & Learning Business IPTV HD Vide Conferencing Content Delivery Maturing technology is already deployed all over the World 9. What is Digital Signage? Displaying the right message, at the right time, to the right audience 10. Simply How It Works 11. How are Hughes positioned? StrengthsDenotes Key Successes Brazil HNSEIndia NADHelius DigitalTesco (100, ABN (130)LASD (31, 16k people)5600 screens) BPTV pilot Lexus(300) SignageTLC(1400)SSA (211700)DigitalUFO MoviezUFOEuropeMoviez(1400) Cinema failedReal Image(350)E-CityCinemas (125)DistanceHughesEDUASDA(500) Fusion(2,500) Safeway (2,000)EduSat(2,000) Learning Everonn(900)IPTVDpaschoalVW(2350)RiteAid (1800) Edward Jones (10,000) (200)Sonic (3600) GM (9,000)SSA (2000) Safeway (1,800)GETN(1600) Orkin(400)Wal-Mart (4,000) JCPenney(1,100)Lowes (2,000)ToyotaContent Cereja PRN VW(2350), CBS Outernet (200)GM(1,200) National Cinemedia(1000) Delivery PRN (1000) NetworksSeveralFuelcast projects GSTV w/universities Sherwin Williams (3,000) (+1,500 sites) Albertsons (1,600)1 12. The Hughes Approach 14 13. The Complexity of Digital SignageRetailer AgencyDo It Yourself SoftwareCall Center AppsInstall RetailMaintenance OpsAdmin Strategy StaffWANMonitorMedia ReportingPlayerResearch 14. How Hughes make it easy! ContentRetailSoftware Strategy Apps Monitor Ad Sales MediaPlayerResearch Exploit Customer Base 15. Digital Media SolutionsBusiness IPTV 17 16. Service Highlights Hughes simplifies Enterprise Video with Managed Services Video Appliance Hughes National POPContentIPTV RemoteNetwork IngestOperationsEquipment Leased line or VYVX Scheduling & Network capacity Installation & connection content distribution Network Ops. &configuration Multi-format support Playback affidavitsmanagement Field service Format conversion & Reporting Proactive fault quality control Customer Support management18 17. Solution Portfolio Hughes experience with a wide range of products PC with software media player e.g. Windows Media Player, Real Player, QuickTime Pro(+) low cost, readily available(-) dependent on PC availability Set Top Box (w/o Hard Drive) e.g. AmiNET110/124/125(+) low cost(-) no local storage DVR Set Top Box (w/Hard Drive) e.g. AmiNET 530(+) addresses enterprise DVR needs (live, VOD)(-) limited multimedia capability Multi-Purpose Multimedia Appliance e.g. Helius MGR3550(+) flexible platform (interactive distance learning)(-) higher cost19 18. HughesNet Business IPTV Customers 3,600+ sites1,700+ sites 9,000+ sites Over 30,000 Multimedia units1,000+ sitesdeployed 3,600+ sites 2,000+ sites 400+ sites 20 19. Business Television Customer Profiles Desktop Streaming Solomon Smith Barney Streaming Video to STB Walmart, Rite Aid, Sonic Video On Demand to STB Goodys, Automotive Broadcast Networks Video w/Audio Return AG Edwards, Edward Jones, Safeway, Social Security Administration, JC Penney, Orkin Two Way Video Desktop Mercedes (Brazil), Google, Wipro Technologies, AOL Telepresence Staples (facilitate Corporate Express acquisition), AT&T 20. Business IPTV Case StudyQuick Service Restaurant ObjectiveHughesNet Employee training Background music Solution Managed HughesNet Business IPTVservice at over 3,000 locations. Supports both employee training and in- Employeestore music Training Streamed video to PC in theemployees break room.In-store Full-screen MPEG2 video at 1 MbpsMusic 22 21. BP TV To the Forecourt23 22. Hughes Business Television - VOD Scala PC Distance-learning service 300 UK stores with 10% CAGR Full turnkey solution including: Backhaul from content provider Mezzo Hub, transport and remote site services DW6000, PC, desk and software Compliance Tracking Used by ASDA to train staff: Customer satisfaction techniques Health & safety requirements New products Other briefings 24 23. Market Proven Services VideoA partnership with Hughesprovides you with theconfidence that you canbe sure of the same levelof commitment that theseHNS customers havecome to expect25 24. Digital Media Solutions Managed Digital Signage 26 25. Managed Digital Signage Services Turnkey offering to enable a Branded Digital Signage Network Media Broker and Content Creation Managed content production and advertising managementcan be customer provided or offered by Hughes Content Ingestion Services Encoding and Multi-format support DVD, Beta SP, etc. Media format transformation, quality control Digital Signage Operations Turnkey portfolio: scheduling, content distribution, proactive monitoring, playback affidavits, reporting, research Network Services Flexible bandwidth service plans Remote Equipment Provision/Installation/Maintenance of remote equipment (screens, players, etc.) 27 26. Managed Digital Media Services Installation Monitor, Media Player, A/V distribution Network (VSAT, DSL) Operations Live Video, VOD, DVR Services Proactive Remote Monitoring Reporting Availability Content usage Hosted Applications Full Service Content Management Ad-Hoc Services Special Events Broadcasting Video-On-Demand Encoding Maintenance Broad Portfolio of Field Service Options 4 hours response -> Next Business Day 28 27. Digital Signage Case Study Scala PC Customer Objectives Revenue generation Entertainment and improved shopping experience Design Network of up to 35 plasma screens and 25 LCDslocated in 7 key store zones Provide shoppers eye-catching and informative productinformation, news/weather, store information and promotion of own brands Status Today 100 stores with 175,000 files managed centrallywith 26 Terra Bytes of data Content including Tesco messages, and third-partyadvertising and promotions Tesco TV replacing POS printed materialAwarded European Retail Solutions Award, 200529 28. Safeway MediaGate Router 3550 2000 Stores Corporate Communications and Employee Training Enterprise Digital Video Recorder Interactive Distance Learning Live Video Video On Demand Force Tune/Force Record31 29. 32 30. 33 31. 34 32. Social Security Administration 1,700 field offices Live video and video on demand and highlyinteractive training to classrooms and PC Digital Signage MPEG-4 and DVB-S2 33. Digital Media Solutions Content Delivery38 34. HughesNet Content Delivery Customers Delivering content to over 70,000 remote clients worldwide! Wide scale Deployments12,000+ Clients Ultra-High Frequency Distributions70,000 Daily Weather MapsHigh Volume Distributions100s Gbytes per week39 35. HughesNet Enterprise Package Delivery The Past: Robust APIs were key to widespread market acceptanceHughesNetNOC SOAP WEB ClientFTP Text Envelope HTTP HTML HTTP or FTPEPD ServerFarmXML Envelope 40 36. HughesNet Enterprise Package Delivery The Evolution: From Content Delivery to Multimedia Management 41 37. Digital Media Solutions Training & Learning 42 38. Training and Learning Live Video Video On Demand Video to the Desktop Highly Interactive Distance Learning Portal 39. Cost of Training Per Learner Source:Bersin&Associates 40. Global Distance Learning Software as a Service Global Portal 41. Helius Portal/Presenter Rapid Authoring Tool Helius Presenter Rapid Content Development Tool for eLearning/online Training AssessmentsSurveys+ AICC/SCORM trackingVoice NarrationMovies 42. CASE STUDY SEDUC-AMAZONAS PROJECT 43. THE CUSTOMER SEDUC-AMSecretariat of Education ofAmazonas State Largest Brazilian State 1.5 million km (three times the area of France) 92% of area covered by theAmazon Forest Huge logistics difficulties 62 county districts 44. OVERVIEWBroadbandInteractiveInternetTelevisionSEDUC e-Learning 45. CHALLENGES FOR THE GOVERNMENT SOLVE AN URGENT SOCIAL DEMANDEnables rural communities of Amazonas State to receive qualityeducation. LOCATION Amazonas State, with more than 1,5 million km, covered byAmazon Forest and rivers of the Amazon basin. OBJECTIVE To meet secondary level education needs in the state, byamplifying and diversifying school attendance. 46. INVESTING IN DISTANCE LEARNING INFRA-STRUCTURE Rural schools of the state equipped with an interactive satellite solution Classrooms with multimedia kit (PC, TV, webcam e microphone) Videoconference Software Studios in Manaus (state capital) PEDAGOGICAL METHODOLOGY Live interactive classes transmitted from studios located in Manaus Classes presented in TV sets installed at remote classrooms/sites Specialist teachers located in studios are constantly trained on the new learning dynamics Generalist teachers (monitors) to mediate transmitted classes and local activities Students interacting with teachers located in Manaus via live video 47. THE RESULT After project implementation, Amazonas state has reached the biggest realgrowth (21.74%) compared to other Brazilian states, based on DevelopmentIndex of Basic Education (IDEB)* CriteriaScenario before Scenario afterProject Project Passed60.4%77.5% Failed12.8% 6.5% Drop-out26.8%16.0% Significant increase of