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Scribe Strategies & AdvisorsPu blic Relati ons1660 L Street, NW Suite 504 Washington, DC 20036 Tel: (202) 393-4884 Fax: (202) 466-5565

Scribe Strategies & AdvisorsPublic Relations IntroductionScribe Strategies Public Relations Practice: OverviewAreas of Expertise: Editorial and Marketing Support, Publicity Coordination and Message Shaping, and Corporate Branding

The Scribe Advantage:Detailed, Reliable Attention for both Planned and Spontaneous Public Relations Needs Provided by Senior Level Specialists Respected Depth of Experience Supporting a Range of Clients from Government Agencies to Private Clients Established Expertise in Publishing Articles, Writing Speeches, Preparing Marketing Materials as well as a Deep Contact Base to Disseminate those Products

Capabilities:Professionally Refined Editorial Skills Employed in Speechwriting and Ghost Writing for Distinguished Clients Wealth of Personal Contacts and Access allows Scribe to Organize Events for Clients Needs -- from News Conferences to Private Gatherings Strong Reputation in Determining Suitable Market Brand and ability to Publicize and Solicit Expansive Media Attention

Scribe Strategies & AdvisorsPublic Relations IntroductionDefence Publicity and PromotionScribe Strategies is strategically partnered with Strix Consultancy to provide a comprehensive approach for defence and national security clients

Strix does ONLY defence and aerospace and therefore understands the client and the business environment Strix can deliver complex technology messages for high-level and general audiences, simply and understandably Strix helps companies strategise for the international marketplace; we recast promotional materials and messages to appeal to local audiences on the export scene. Simply translating from the mother tongue is not enough: clients need to rethink messaging as well Strix uses award-winning trade journalists and former trade journalists with decades of experience

Scribe Strategies & AdvisorsDefense and Homeland Security IntroductionScribe Defense: OverviewAreas of Expertise: National Security, Defense, Homeland Security, Aerospace

The Scribe Advantage:Personalized service and attention from global network of senior experts Combination of policy expertise and in-depth knowledge of defense and homeland security industry History of successfully creating opportunities and solving problems for clients within a wide range of political climates and economic conditions Acute understanding of the intersections among the institutions of government, business, media and technology

Capabilities: Corporate Strategic Planning Mergers and Acquisitions Business Development

Market Strategies and Assessment Policy and Regulatory Support Due Diligence

Scribe Strategies & AdvisorsDefense and Homeland Security IntroductionStrategic Corporate PlanningScribe Strategies and Advisors offers comprehensive strategic planning formulation and implementation assistance

Analyze customer budget trends and priorities Provide outline determining expected future areas of customer investments and divestments Prepare a customized analysis of the trend implications for specific clients and market segments Conduct initial-level scouting and due diligence for proposed M&A transactions and strategic alliance partnerships

Scribe Strategies & AdvisorsDefense and Homeland Security

IntroductionBusiness Development and MarketingScribe Strategies can provide assistance in identifying new business opportunities and help bring them to fruition Assist foreign companies in entering the US market in addition to developing business strategies for US firms seeking new overseas markets Foster clients ability to enter new markets to capture sales in the areas of defense, homeland security, and intelligence Advise clients of new opportunities in time to get ahead of competitors and capitalize on the most promising prospects Engage key decision-makers to ensure success in any business venture pursued

Scribe Strategies & AdvisorsDefense and Homeland Security IntroductionPolicy and Risk Analysis and SupportScribe Strategies network of talented and experienced experts help navigate the pitfalls of the policy process

Provide comprehensive policy and risk analysis support Track the regulatory process and furnish implications of germane legislative or administrative changes made by the US government Assist with policy formulation utilizing a strategy to maximize impact on centers of influence

Knowledge of Risks

Meticulous Policy Examination

Successful Future Endeavors

Scribe Strategies & AdvisorsGovernment Affairs IntroductionScribe Strategies Government Affairs Practice: OverviewAreas of Expertise: Capitol Hill, Governmental Agencies, International Governments

The Scribe Advantage:Personalized Governmental Affairs Attention from Senior Level Consultants Innovative Strategic Planning and Unique Relationships with Political Leaders Specialized Knowledge and Ease of Access to Both Parties in Government when Necessary Acute Understanding of the Intersections among the Institutions of Domestic and International Governments

Capabilities:Strategic Government Relations Planning Access and Insight into Key Agencies, their Bureaucracies, and Leadership Influence Policy through Established and Respected Presence on Capitol Hill with Individual Members, Committees, and Staff

Scribe Strategies & AdvisorsGovernment Affairs IntroductionStrategy and PlanningScribe Strategies and Advisors offers comprehensive strategic government relations planning formulation and implementation assistance

Combine Extensive Contacts with Policy Expertise to Achieve a Personalized Method of Approach for Clients Political Needs Utilize Exhaustive Professional Experience in the Political, Legislative and Regulatory Processes to Capitalize on Future Political Environments Navigate Partisan Politics with an Acute Understanding of the Changing Tide in Political Appointments and Relationships Unlike Other Consulting Firms, Scribe Follows Through with All Steps, both Grand and Minute, Required to Successfully Formulate and Execute a Strategic Plan

Scribe Strategies & AdvisorsGovernment Affairs IntroductionGovernment RelationsScribe Strategies can contact the right people to achieve fast results in an ever changing political environment

Strong Working Relationships with the House Ways and Means Committee, as well as the House and Senate Appropriations, Armed Services and Homeland Security Committees Inclusive Political Strength Gained from Influence at the Treasury and Commerce Departments, and within the DOD, Intelligence and DHS Funding Apparatuses Our Strategic Plans Boast of an Impressive Record of Achievements Due to Knowledge of Procedures and Ability to Reach Decision-Makers Valuable Relationships with Political Leaders at each Junction of the Federal System Bolsters our Reputation and Results

Scribe Strategies & AdvisorsPublic Relations Our Services & ExpertiseProviding the ideal comprehensive solution

EconomicsEnsure success of client's business ventures

PoliticsProvide strategic advice regarding governmental branches and agencies

CommunicationsTailor clients public message and image

Scribe Strategies & AdvisorsPublic Relations I. Government Relations1.Access to Key Officials Excellent working relationships to solidify involvement in the policy and appropriations processes Present accurate depiction of political climate and establish strategy to achieve specific goals Provide opportunities analysis that identifies optimal department or agency and funding source Prepare client testimony for presentation before congressional committees


Issue Briefings


Procurement Landscape Analysis


Congressional Testimony


Drafting of Legislation

Draft provisions and provide continual advice during the legislative process

Scribe Strategies & AdvisorsPublic Relations II. Defense and Homeland Security

1.Strategic Planning Services

Analyze trend implications and advise how to best position companies to take advantage of new realities


Identify Business Opportunities

Maintain fresh outlook from breaking into new markets to expanding a companys share of existing markets


Provide Political/Military Insight

Assess national security and the associated business climate in relation to changing political and military situations

Scribe Strategies & AdvisorsPublic Relations III. Business Development


Public Policy Experience

Detailed experience with Executive Branch and agencies, including: DoD, DHS, State, USAID, Office of the USTR


Cultural Sensitivity/Language Skills

Augment business expertise in the field and heighten successful business ventures through specialized knowledge


Risk-management/Financial Services

Provide financial analysis for opportunities in the United States and the developing world

Scribe Strategies & AdvisorsPublic Relations IV. P.R. & Media Consulting


Ghost Writing

Write both short and long articles, marketing pieces, and advertorials, as specified by the client



Write orations to large and small groups

3. Publicity Coordination &Message Shaping

Set up news conferences, receptions, and other events to enhance client visibility while helping shape desired message Utilize specialized market knowledge to create easily recognized and respected corporate brand Pursue requests for clients to appear