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SAY YES TO SMOKINGGoodFellas1Situation Analysis

2SituationThe global tobacco epidemic kills nearly 6 million people every year globallyIt is on track to kill more than 8 million by 2030, by which time approximately 80% of the deaths would occur in low- and middle-income countries.In India itself tobacco related mortality is estimated to be 1 million approx.More than 600,000 die from exposure to second-hand smoke (passive smoking) India is the second largest consumer of tobacco products in the worldSource: WHO Report (Country Profile: India)3A Huge Health BurdenThe total health expenditure burden of tobacco in the year 2011 was a little over Rs.100,000 crore.The amount is 12% more than the combined State and central government expenditure on health in 2011-12.The revenue earned through excise duty in the same year was a paltry 17% of the health burden of tobacco

Source: Ministry of Health, India, Report-20144Smoked Tobacco prevalence among Youth (percentage)Youth: Global Youth Tobacco Survey, 2009; National, ages 13-155Smoked Tobacco prevalence among Adults (percentage)Adult: Global Adult Tobacco Survey, 2009; National, ages 15+6Smokeless Tobacco prevalence Youth vs Adults (percentage)Youth: Global Youth Tobacco Survey, 2009; National, ages 13-15Adult: Global Adult Tobacco Survey, 2009; National, ages 15+7Target Group

8Smoking Stats: India

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13Radio Jingles & Radio Station

Jingle 1Jingle 214Curriculum Vitae of a Cigarette

15Inter Personal CommunicationTarget Group: School and College students

Communication Channels: Workshops, Activities

Teaching them how to tell no to smoke and avoid peer pressure16Social Media

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