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This presentation was shared at the 2010 Martin Institute's Fall Conference. Wikipedia is an excellent tool for creating projects that teach students important 21st century skills and knowledge. Our students updated the Wikipedia for Millington, Tennessee, and through the project we were able to teach many concepts including research skills, how to evaluate internet sources and ethical internet use, The project also provided students with authentic feedback from the real world of their classroom work.


  • 1.PRESENTATION DATE PRESENTERS 01 OCTOBER 2010 PHILIP CUMMINGS & JULIE FORBESS Say Yes to Wikipedia Martin Institute Fall Conference 2010

2. Say Yes to Wikipedia Martin Institute Fall Conference 2010 3. What do you know? What do you know about Wikipedia? How often do you use Wikipedia to find information? What have you taught your students about WIkipedia? 4. Follow along... 5. Wikipedia - Explained by Com 6. Why Wikipedia? SAY YES TO WIKIPEDIA 7. Common Core Anchor Standar photo credit: Shizhao This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. 8. Tennessee Dip 9. WikiProject Tennessee Article Quality Grading Scale Say Yes to WikiPedia 10. Ideas for Class, Group, or Individual Projects SAY YES To WIkipedia 11. Say Yes to WIkipedia A Conversation with Julie Forbess 12. What did the students think? Say Yes to Wikipedia 13. FOOTPRINTS: Philip Cummings Millington Central High School GV: 901.451.9350 Skype: PhilipCummings Twitter: @Philip_Cummings TXT PCUMMINGS TO 50500