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  • 1. Experiencing ListeningPrayer

2. Have you ever noticed how easy it isto lose our child like wonder? 3. Would you like to see the worldagain through the eyesof a child? 4. Do you typically see the world asfull of possibilities or asfull of problems? 5. Would you be open to lookingat life a different way? 6. Would you be willing to consider lookingat life as an exciting adventure? 7. Would you considerlooking at peoplethe way Jesus did? 8. Would you be willing for Godto make you stand outfrom the crowd? 9. Would you be willing to discoverthe reason for why youwere created? 10. Would you be willingto take some risks? 11. Will you trust the Lords promisethat He will always be there? 12. Why not risk living by faithinto an unknown future? 13. What if we set aside our fears and said yesto whatever adventure the Lord haslined up for us? 14. Say yes to adventureThe thief comes only to steal, kill, and destroy,but I have come that they might have life, thatit might be full and meaningful.Jesus of NazarethJohn 10:10 15. Prayer Time:Dear Lord,I am excited about learning how to live by faithrather than being controlled by fears. I want tolive for you rather than for myself. Lead meLord into the great adventure that you havedesigned me for. I believe by faith that youdelight in using ordinary people like me tofulfill your purposes. In Jesus name I pray.Amen