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the facts say yes. The 2013 referendum to recognise local government. The facts say YES. The 2013 referendum to recognise local government. What ’ s it all about? . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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The facts say YESThe 2013 referendum to recognise local government

the facts say yesThe 2013 referendum to recognise local government

Whats it all about? On election day the Leeton Shire Council community will vote to secure direct Federal funding for vital projects in our area like road black spot upgrades and other important infrastructure improvements.When our Constitution was written more than a century ago there was no mention of local government, but because of two recent High Court rulings there is now a threat to the way many local government projects are currently funded. Funding for important community facilities like roads, libraries, sports grounds, recycling stations, child care facilities, community centres and parks is under threat.A YES vote will secure direct Federal funding by making a small but necessary change to our Constitution. Not every state has received funding for these types of projects2What does that mean for Leeton Shire?Since 2000, Leeton Shire Council has received significant Federal funding.This funding has gone towards: Whitton / Darlington Point Road (funded via Roads to Recovery which averages $463,000 funding to Council each year)Wilga RoadMcQuillan RoadBidgee Binge Alcohol education for youthHome and Community Care Services (Meals on Wheels, Community Transport and Home Modifications Scheme)The benefits of these projects have included: Increased quality of local roads throughout Leeton ShireAccess to services under the Home and Community Care bannerIncreased awareness of the issues caused by binge drinking via education process under the Bidgee Binge Program

If this referendum is not successful projects like these will be under threat.

Whats at stake?

Whats at stake?

Why should Leeton Shire Council vote YES?A YES vote is a vote for keeping things as they currently are.

A YES vote will preserve the sort of arrangements that for more than 10 years have funded projects like those youve just seen, and programs like Roads to Recovery, which has saved lives by fixing dangerous black spots on local roads.

Voting YES simply ensures existing practice can continue and thats a good thing for the Leeton community.

More than $4 billion has been provided to local governments to fix local roads under Roads to Recovery, which started in 2000 under John Howard and has continued successfully ever since. It has been estimated that Roads to Recovery has saved XX lives over the last 13 years, so the importance of this program is incontestable. Current Roads to Recovery funding goes through to the middle of next year but ongoing funding is now under threat. Of Australias 810,000 kilometres of public roads, more than 650,000 kilometres (80 per cent) are local roads the responsibility of local government. But without Federal funding local government just cant afford to maintain them.

6Will it pass?Two similar votes have not passed previously, but this time there is an immediate and real risk to Federal funding for important local programs and bi-partisan support.

A YES vote was supported by all but two members of the House of Representatives and an overwhelming majority of the Senate because it just makes sense

A YES vote is supported by the majority of local councils across Australia

Research shows that when people understand the FACTS behind the referendum they vote YES because it just makes sense.

What happens if it doesnt pass?Important local projects need Federal funding and voting YES is the only way to secure this. There is no other source to replace this funding.

If the referendum doesnt succeed then funding for things like Roads to Recovery, libraries, sports grounds, recycling stations, child care facilities, community centres and parks will be under threat.

If the referendum doesnt succeed Federal funding would have to go through three layers of government before it gets to the community which means we wont get our fair share or have as much say about how that money is spent.

MythbustingThere will be no change to the legal relationship between state and local governments.

Local councils will still be accountable to State Governments, as they are now.

The current system of consultation and checks and balances for every project will not change.

The Federal Government will not be able to tell you what colour to paint your front door.

Whats happening locally?A YES vote is a vote for Leeton community so we will be supporting the YES campaign by:

Participating in an exciting national launch event

Communicating with members of the local community, both directly and through our local media

Talking about the great projects we all enjoy that have come about through direct Federal funding

Mobilising on the ground support from council and community members

Rallying volunteer resources for polling booths What can you do to help?We need as much support as possible to get the facts out so the Leeton community can make an informed YES vote

Talk to your friends and family about this important issues

Get active online: search the facts say yes

Volunteer to hand out information on polling day

Contact Duncan McWhirter for more information

When people understand the FACTS behind the referendum they vote YES because it just makes sense.