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TechnologyBy: Sam LitchfieldIn This Report You Will LearnAbout the different types of ways to use technology, ways to stay safe online, and things not to do and what to do.Using Online TemplatesOnline TemplatesThey help you be more creative and presented in a new fresh way.PlagiarismThe Problem?

Plagiarism can chaos. If you plagiarize, you are considered a copy-cat. DONT BE A COPY-CAT! The Solution1) Yes, use your own words.2) Give credit to your source.3) Understand when a sentence is common knowledge.

ChartsCharts are ImportantCharts are visually appealing and make it easy for you to see comparisons, patterns, and trends in data.Instead of analyzing columns of numbers, you can see at a glance whether your typing speed is falling or rising. My Chart10Cloud ComputingWhy We Like Cloud Computing

AdvantagesYou would be able to have more storage

Online Saftey5 Rules 1)Keep your identity a secret 2)Be extra carful with strangers 3)Tell somebody5 Rules 4)Protect your password 5)Be niceUse Clipart


Malware is dangerous to computers. Your money could go down the drain!Netquette Digital EtiquetteAdvantages of the CloudThere is more space on your device.You could share ideasIf one file is erased than there is always another one

Disadvantages of the CloudPrivacy.You have to pay for storage.Poor internet connection.NetiquetteSet of rules for how to travel onlineTreat others as you would like to be treated:

Social Networking

Social Networking helps you connect with your friends and family!SourcesYou can find many more free templates on Presentation Magazine

THE ENDSEE YA!Sam LitchfieldFavorite Food: ShrimpFavorite Movie: Rise of the Planet of the ApesFavorite Sport: Basketball and BaseballFavorite Music: AnimalsFavorite Books: Harry Potter