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Litchfield High School. Lady Panther Softball. My Wish For You. My wish is for you to succeed. My wish is for you to learn how to succeed. My wish is for you to learn the work ethic to succeed. My wish is for you to learn to succeed as part of a team. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Litchfield High School

Litchfield High SchoolLady Panther Softball

1My Wish For YouMy wish is for you to succeed.My wish is for you to learn how to succeed.My wish is for you to learn the work ethic to succeed.My wish is for you to learn to succeed as part of a team.My wish is for you to learn to be leaders.2My Wish For YouMy wish is for you to learn the self-discipline required to succeed.My wish is for you to learn to appreciate what you have.My wish is for you to know Coach Allen, Coach Stedman, and I care about you and want you to succeed on and off the field.My wish is for your dreams to come true.3

Let your teammates know you appreciate their efforts.Celebrate success!Hard work every day pays off when moments like this occur.4Team PrideOut of respect for your community, high school, team, and former teammates who worked so you can have the facilities and equipment you have.5


Your family will remember

Your friends will remember

Your teammates will remember

Your classmates will remember

You will remember

Dont have regrets!6SCHOOL SPIRITCelebrate your achievements!Celebrate the achievements of others in your school!Celebrate Litchfield!Be grateful for what you have!Celebrate what others have done for you!7

Its so much fun to celebrate success with your teammates!Friendships are formed that last a lifetime.The difference between winning and losing can be a split second.8FRIENDSHIPTake time to appreciate your teammates.Care about how they feel.Listen to their concerns.If we can set aside petty differences and come together as a team, we will be champions!9

Win or lose, the result of each game isnt determined on game day. It is the culmination of hundreds of practices and thousands of hours of hard work.It is the culmination of how you approach these practices and games.Do you show up each day focused on softball and only softball?Do you have the discipline to always do and act up to the expectations your coaches have set for you?Do you always work as hard as you can? 110% effort?It may be one day, week, or year, but eventually if you are not approaching the game this way it will adversely affect the result of a game.10DISCIPLINEEvery team, every player has the same amount of practice time, its what you do with it that matters.What do you do when no one is looking? Do you drill effectively? Make wise use of practice time? Do you find ways to make practice competitive? Do you try to get better every day?11

FUN12LEADERSHIPLEADERSHIP = INFLUENCEBecause perception is reality and it is perceived athletes get treated differently, all athletes are leaders in school. The question is do you want to have a positive or negative influence. My wish is that you have a positive influence. 13




17FUNDAMENTALSPlayers will make mistakes. Its OK! But, the commitment to learning to perform softball activities with the proper technique will help to put you in the correct position to be successful!18

Learn to cherish the inner circle. No one outside of the TEAM really understands what you are going through.19

Be coachable. Its not personal. Listen to what your coaches say and try to do what they are saying. We care about you. We want what is best for you.

20COACHABILITYCoachability means listening.Coachability means not arguing about what the coach expects.Coachability means trusting that the coach knows whats best.Coachability means trying to perform what the coach expects with maximum effort.Coachability means being respectable.21

CHAMPIONSHIP MOMENTSPOSTSEASON SUCCESS22TRADITIONTradition is winning and accumulating trophies and plaques. Tradition is also becoming outstanding young women who contribute to your school and community. Tradition is finding a way to give back to softball after your playing days are over. Tradition is coming back to visit the team after graduation. Tradition is remember the friendships and relationships you formed while playing softball. Tradition is giving the Litchfield softball program a reason to celebrate those who came before.23

EXCELLENCENo one can rise to low expectations!24