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Litchfield Middle School Proposal for 2015-2016 and Beyond

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  1. 1. Litchfield Middle School Proposal for 2015-2016 and Beyond
  2. 2. Transition to Middle School Model Traditional Middle School Traditional Junior High School Student-oriented Subject-centered Emphasis is on both cognitive and affective development Emphasis is on cognitive development Teachers and students organized in grade- level interdisciplinary teams Teachers organized in subject-based departments Experiential approaches to instruction Traditional instruction dominates Allows for block and flexible scheduling; Allows for looping Six to eight class periods Provides exploratory, academic, and nonacademic classes Provides academic classes Offers advisor/advisee, teacher/student opportunities Offers study hall and/or homeroom Team classrooms in close proximity Classrooms arranged randomly or by subject or grade level
  3. 3. Young Adolescents Young people undergo more rapid and profound personal changes during the years between 10 and 15 than at any other period of time in their lives. Intellectually Physically Emotionally Socially Morally
  4. 4. Roll Out Plan to Faculty and Board of Education May 8th Middle School Teachers May 13th All Faculty May 14th Curriculum Programs & Personnel Sub-committee June 3rd - Presentation to the Board of Education
  5. 5. Work We Will Do To Create Litchfield Middle School Mission and Expectations Stakeholder Input Decide What We Stand For Develop our core values and beliefs Curriculum Review Incorporate personalized learning Project based learning Interdisciplinary Units Advisory Professional Development Middle School Specific Through Team and Faculty Meeting time Critical Attributes Build a Unique Experience for Young Adolescents Student-Centered Student Development Student Ownership
  6. 6. Separating the Middle School and High School Explicit leadership 1 principal for each school SRBI/Dean of Students High School Department Chairs Middle School High School Dedicated MS only School Counselor Separate MS Entrance $0 $6319 -$6312
  7. 7. Logistical Changes For Next Year Old Room New Room Nurses Office MS Main Office with principal and secretary Trainers Room MS School Counselor Room 601 MS Lunchroom/Workroom Room 224 MS Special Education Room 307 HS Faculty Lunchroom Room 212 Technology and Robotics Faculty Lunchroom Nurse and Trainer Office
  8. 8. Dedicated and Explicit Middle School Programming is Critical for Optimal Student Growth and Success Middle grades schools should transmit a core of common, substantial knowledge to all students by utilizing cooperative learning and other techniques suitable for this developmental phase. - Anthony Jackson & Gayle Davis, Turning Points 2000