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  Handbook Prepared For 
Students, Teachers,   & Parents 
  470 Castle Boulevard   
School colors: Blue and White  School mascot: The Argonaut 
  This handbook has been prepared for the teacher, students and parents of Litchfield CLC so that you 
may become familiar with your school, its rules, and its organization, to ensure a safe and orderly  environment for learning. 
MYP for Parents 
The IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) is designed for students aged 11 to 16. It provides a framework of  learning that encourages students to become creative, critical and reflective thinkers. The MYP  emphasizes intellectual challenge, encouraging students to make connections between their studies in  traditional subjects and the real world. It fosters the development of skills for communication,  intercultural understanding and global engagement—essential qualities for young people who are  becoming global leaders. 
The MYP is flexible enough to accommodate most national or local curriculum requirements. It builds  upon the knowledge, skills and attitudes developed in the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) and  prepares students to meet future academic challenges, including the IB Diploma Programme (DP) and  the IB Career-related Programme (CP). 
The MYP: 
provides students with opportunities to develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills they need in  order to manage complexity and take responsible action for the future 
ensures breadth and depth of understanding through study in eight subject groups  requires the study of at least two languages (language of instruction and additional language of 
choice) to support students in understanding their own cultures and those of others  empowers students to participate in service within the community 
  Parents of Litchfield IB Learners Are: 
Attendance Procedures  ABSENCES:  Compulsory attendance laws emanate from the State of Ohio. The State Board of Education has adopted  regulations governing absence from school within the framework of the Ohio Revised Code. According to  these regulations and the policy of Akron Public Schools, a student may receive an excused absence or  excused tardy from school without penalty for the following reasons only:   
Personal illness or illness in the family  Funerals (immediate family or relative)  Religious holidays  Medical and Dental appointments with verification   Appointment at the Board of Education  Emergencies (any emergency or set of circumstances judged as sufficient cause by the school 
principal or superintendent).   
When a student is absent it is the obligation of the parent or guardian to report the absence and reason for  the absence or tardiness to the school office between 7:30 and 9:00 AM on the same day. The phone  number is (330) 761-2775. Students who are absent from school and do not have a parent call the school  per these guidelines will be considered unexcused.     The following circumstances constitute some examples of absences and tardies that will be  UNEXCUSED: Oversleeping, shopping, car or transportation problems, flicking or truancy, and failure of  the parent to report a reason for absence.    Any student who arrives after 8:00 must report to the office to sign in.    EXCESSIVE ABSENCES: 38+ hours in a month and/or 65+ hours excused or unexcused in the school year  HABITUAL TRUANCY: 30+ consecutive hours missed without a legitimate excuse, 42+ hours missed  without a legitimate excuse in a month and/or 72 hours missed without a legitimate excuse in a school year    When a student reaches the level of Habitual Truancy, an Attendance Success Plan will be implemented.  The plan will be evaluated for a period of up to 60 days to determine if further action needs to be taken.  Further actions can include referrals to the Juvenile Detention Center or CSB for educational neglect.      Please be sure to communicate with the school regarding your child's absence and utilize Home Access  Center and the All-Call system to help keep track of your child's attendance.        Making Up Work Due To Absence: 
1. It is the responsibility of the student to initiate the request for make-up work and complete the  work within a reasonable period of time.   
2. Students with excused absences will have the same number of days to make up work as the  number of days they were absent.   
3. Students must be absent from school for at least 3 days before make-up work can be requested.   
4. Parents of students who will be absent for more than 10 days should contact their counselor for  possible assignment to home instruction.   
5. Students who are absent during a semester exam will not be permitted to take a make-up exam  unless a note from a doctor is presented to the assistant principal. 
6. Suspended students are not permitted to receive make up work until the student returns from the  suspension, unless the student attends the After School Suspension Tutoring Program. 
  Appointments : All efforts should be made to schedule appointments during non-school hours. When  this is not possible, the following procedures should be followed: 
The parent should send a signed note requesting to pick up their child, stating the exact time the  student is to be picked up. 
The note should be given to the student’s advisory teacher the morning of the student’s  appointment so the student can be placed on the “excused list” for the day. 
A parent/guardian will then need to come into the school office and sign out the student. The  primary guardian must notify the school office if a person other than the primary guardian is going  to sign out a student.  
Arrival Procedures  BELL SCHEDULE:  School open to all students- 7:25 AM Breakfast is served free to all!  Cafeteria Opens at 7:25 AM (Students will remain outside until 7:25 AM – Dress Appropriately)  *Students not eating breakfast will wait in the Gym until 7:50 AM    Bell to dismiss from Café/Gym- 7:50 AM  Warning Bell- 7:59 AM   Advisory- 8:00-8:25  Period 1 – 8:28 – 9:08  Period 2 – 9:11 - 9:51  Period 3 – 9:54 – 10:34  Period 4 – 10:37– 11:17  Period 5 – 11:20 – 12:00  Period 6 – 12:04 – 12:44  Period 7 – 12:48 – 1:28  Period 8 – 1:32 – 2:12  Period 9 – 2:15 – 3:00    *All students not involved in supervised activities, must exit the building no later than 3:10 PM. Students not  involved in an after school event should be off of school property by 3:30PM. Please ensure transportation is  arranged for your student if they are not a bus rider or walking home.       
BICYCLES:    Students may ride bicycles to and from school and park those in the racks provided in front of the school.  Students are not permitted to ride bikes during school hours. All bikes should be chained to the bicycle  racks provided. The school will not be responsible for damaged, lost or stolen bicycles.    BUS POLICIES AND PROCEDURES:  Students who live more than 2.0 miles from Litchfield, who are not Open Enrolled, qualify for  transportation by bus. Since the schedule times and the pickup and drop off points vary, it is impossible to  include this information in this handbook. If you have any questions regarding the bus system, please call  the APS Transportation office at (330) 761-1390. Students will receive a school issued bus pass during the  first few weeks of school. Students MUST carry this pass each day to ride the bus home from school.  Without the pass, it is the family’s responsibility to provide the transportation. For information regarding  Metro buses and their schedules, please call the Metro office at 762-0341.    Bus stops – Students should be at their bus stops 5 minutes before pick-up time and wait until 10 minutes  after the bus pick-up time for the bus to arrive. Inclement weather, ice and snow, and traffic congestion  can delay the bus arrival time at stops. To ensure their safety, students are picked up and returned to the  same bus stop. These stops are established according to state laws and regulations and are approved by  the Akron Board of Education. It is recommended that you know your bus number and bus driver’s name.    Bus conduct – Safety of the students is the first concern of the driver. Students must obey the driver’s  instructions at all times. All school rules, policies and consequences for violating those rules will be in  effect. State law prohibits any food or beverage from being consumed on the bus at any time. Any pupil  behavior which distracts the driver is a hazard and jeopardizes the safety and welfare of all the  passengers.     
To ensure that a student understands that bus rules have been violated, the bus driver will first  issue a warning to the misbehaving student.   
Any continued misbehavior will be written on a School Bus Incident Report and will be given to the  appropriate Assistant Principal. The Assistant Principal will notify parents of student’s misconduct  and disciplinary action. 
Misbehavior or irresponsible actions are sufficient reason to suspend transportation services to  students.   
When a student’s transportation is suspended, the student is still expected to attend school.  Some behavior may warrant additional consequences at the discretion of the Assistant Principal.   
ACTIVITY BUS:  A student must being staying for a school activity to ride the bus. All other students will not be permitted  to ride. Only students who have an APS issued bus pass are permitted ride the after school Activity Bus.  The Activity Bus usually leaves Litchfield at 4:30 and takes home all passengers. Your student’s arrival  home can vary depending on the number of passengers and the routes the driver must take.     
BACKPACKS, BOOK BAGS & GYM BAGS:  For reasons of safety and security, backpack, back pack purses, large purses and book bags are not  permitted in the classrooms and halls during the school day. Small drawstring bags may be carried  throughout the day. Gym clothes may be carried in plastic bags or small drawstring bags.    PERSONAL PROPERTY:  Students are encouraged to use good judgment in what they carry to school. Please do not bring items of  great value to school. If you do so, you bring them to school at your own risk.    LOCKERS:  Students who did not attend Litchfield last year or who misplaced their lock over the summer must  purchase a lock for $5 the first week of school. Locks, combinations and lockers are assigned the first day  of school.     
Memorize your combination immediately, don’t tell the combination to anyone, and keep your  locker locked at all times.   
Students are only permitted to use the locker assigned to them, and must do so before and after  school, and before and after lunch.   
Students may not decorate or stick items to the front of their lockers.   Lockers used by students remain the property of the Akron Public Schools and the Search and 
Seizure section of the Code of Student Behavior applies. Make sure you secure your items in your  locker—ALL STUDENTS ARE TO PUT THE LOCK ON THE LOCKER AND KEEP IT ON THE LOCKER  AT ALL TIMES.   
DELIVERIES:  Delivery of flowers, balloons, gifts, and lunch will not be accepted/delivered to the student while in classes  or the cafeteria during the school day.      MESSAGES:  Students should not receive messages at school in the form of a text message that disturbs the learning  process. If a parent/guardian has an emergency and needs to contact a student, please call the school and  the assistant principal or counselor will see that the student receives the message. Emergencies will be  determined by the assistant principal/counselor. PARENTS- PLEASE DO NOT TEXT OR CALL YOUR  CHILD; PLEASE CALL THE SCHOOL.      LOST & FOUND:  Litchfield has a Lost & Found area in the main office for valuables. A Lost & Found area for misplaced  clothing and books is located in the cafeteria. Lost items are not our responsibility.           
    LITCHFIELD MISSION STATEMENT:  We recite the Litchfield IB Mission Statement every morning in Advisory. Students encouraged to recite it  along with the PA announcer. Our Litchfield IB Mission Statement is: 
Litchfield Middle School will strive to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young  people through high quality education for a better world.   
Litchfield IB, Litchfield clubs/organizational shirts or hoodies, Firestone, Alchemy, or LeBron  James Family Foundation apparel that is not a collared shirt. 
Hoodies worn to school can be multi-colored with writing, as long as it meets the guideline for  appropriate language. Students must have a collared shirt underneath the hoodie. 
  DRESS DOWN DAYS GUIDELINES:  For Litchfield “Dress Down Days”, please use the above charts as you dress for the day, specifically: 
No pajama pants  No see-through leggings  No ripped jeans or pants with holes exposing underwear 
Remember...if you question whether or not you should wear it, DON’T wear it!    DRESS CODE VIOLATIONS: 
1. A citation may be issued by any staff member for violations to this dress code.   2. Repeated violations of the dress code may result in higher forms of discipline such as ISS, Success 
School, or parent conferences.    3. APS dress code violations can result in ISS for the day if appropriate clothing cannot be brought to 
school by a parent or guardian.   
Academic Expectations   ACADEMIC HONESTY AND INTEGRITY:  As an IB Learner, we expect our students to be PRINCIPLED. Students are expected to do their own work  in an honest and forthright manner. Looking at another student’s test paper, using cheat sheets,  obtaining, receiving or distributing test answers, copying homework, or plagiarizing (copying from a book,  magazine, the internet or another publication) or text messaging/picture messaging answers are dishonest  acts. Such acts will not be condoned.   
Students who compromise their integrity in these ways will be subject to disciplinary action, which  will include contacting the parent, the assignment of a zero for the assignment or grading period,  and also a citizenship grade of 4 or 5 for the grading period. 
  TEXTBOOKS:  Each student is issued books valued in excess of $200. Students are responsible for their proper care and  treatment. All textbooks should be covered. Fines are assessed for lost or damaged books. Be sure that  your name is written in ink in the front of your textbooks when issued. Please turn in any found textbooks  to the main office.  STUDENT PLANNERS:  To teach and reinforce organizational skills and learning goals/targets, students should purchase a school  planner. Students should carry the planner to each class and use it each period to record assignments. 
Planners are considered a tool of a learner.      CONFERENCES:  Parents may schedule a conference by calling the school office at (330) 761-2775 and leaving a message for  the teacher to schedule an appointment. There are three Student Progress Conference nights held  throughout the school year at which parents can meet with the teachers.      HOME ACCESS:  Parents are highly encouraged to be active in their child’s grades and progress. Please log into Home  Access Center. If you need help with login info, our school secretary would be happy to assist in creating  your account/password. Academic questions can be forwarded to teachers, counselors, as well as  principals.      PARENTS SHADOWING THEIR CHILD:  Parents who wish to shadow their child for the day are required to make arrangements at least 24 hours  before the visit with the Counselor or Assistant Principal, sign the visitor book in the office and wear a  visitor pass. Shadowing is restricted to parents and guardians only; no small children or siblings may  accompany parents/guardian on this visit.    GRADING SYSTEM:  Interim reports as well as report cards are provided to the students and parents via the Home Access  Center halfway through and at the end of each grading period. Please utilize Home Access Center  throughout the grading period to keep up to date with student progress.      Letter Grades – Litchfield offers the opportunity for all students to learn. Students are advised to use  their study time in school and to plan for study at home daily. Grades reflect what you have learned. We  record them—you earn them. The transition to middle school provides an excellent opportunity to start  good study habits that will benefit the student throughout their academic career.    The APS/Litchfield CLC Grading Scale 
Percentage  Letter Grade  GPA Equivalent 
93 – 100    A  4.0 
92 - 90  A-  3.8 
87 - 89  B+  3.2 
83 - 86  B  3.0 
80 - 82  B-  2.8 
77 - 79  C+  2.2 
73 - 76  C  2.0 
70 - 72  C-  1.8 
67 - 69  D+  1.2 
63 - 66  D  1.0 
60 - 62  D-  0.8 
0 - 59  F  0.0 
  The Intervention and Advisory classes issue O (outstanding), S (satisfactory) and U (unsatisfactory) for  grades.      IB Grades - In addition to traditional grades LMS will be using the IB Assessment Rubric (8 Point Scale)  per subject at the end of each IB MYP Unit to grade the summative assessment. These grades will be  reported to the student and parents at the conclusion of the unit. These grades may be factored into the  Quarterly Report Grade per teacher discretion.      Retention – Students who fail two or more academic subjects and/or have absences totalling more than 72  hours without a legitimate excuse may be recommended for retention.     ACADEMIC RECOGNITION: All grades are weighted and averaged to determine the student’s grade  point average (GPA).    4.0 Honor Roll  Honor Roll- 3.5 to 3.99  Merit Roll- 3.0 to 3.49    EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES FOCUS:  Academic success is focus and priority here at Litchfield CLC. In true IB spirit we recognize effort and  success quarterly by grade level. We also offer sports and activities that promote academic as well as  character goals for participation.    Proper behavior is expected at all extra-curricular activities. Students are reminded that they are  responsible for all school policies and procedures which pertain to such activities. Students are to leave  the building as soon as their school day or co-curricular activity is completed. Students are responsible to  the teacher/staff member in charge. Students are expected to behave in an orderly fashion at all school  activities. Students who are on suspension may not attend or participate in any sporting event,  after-school event or activity in which Litchfield Middle School is a participant or which is an APS  sponsored event.    HOMEWORK HELP:  When available and offered, Litchfield Staff members provide after school homework help on Mondays 
through Thursdays from 3:05 to 4:30 PM. Students must have school work with them. Students are to  arrive on time and remain for the entire session unless a parent comes into the office to sign a student of  the session. Detailed information will be sent home to all students.  FIELD TRIPS:  Students participating in APS sponsored field trip/off campus activities are subject to all rules and  regulations outlined in the student handbook of Litchfield Middle School and the Code of Student  Behavior. Signed permission slips are required for all such trips.    Citizenship/Effort Grades – These marks reflect the student’s attitude, effort and behavior in class. 
1  Student always comes to class on time with books, writing utensil, homework, and any other  required materials. 
Student contributes to the learning community in a way that is meaningful and enriching.  Student puts forth their best effort in all academics.  Student is respectful of all individuals in the classroom setting and is an exemplar for behavior 
and attitude.  Student uses appropriate language to effectively communicate with teacher and peers. 
2  Student consistently comes to class on time with books, writing utensil, homework, and any  other required materials. …