litchfield and kakadu trip

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Photos of highlights from a trip to Litchfield National Park and Kakadu National park in the Northern Territory of Australia.


  • 1. My trip to the top end of Australia in 2013 LITCHFIELD AND KAKADU

2. My family travelled to Darwin, Litchfield National Park and Kakadu National Park. 3. Reptiles, turtles, archer fish & crocodiles. CROCOSAURUS COVE 4. A new species of lizard. 5. LITCHFIELD NATIONAL PARK Lots of waterfalls and waterholes. 6. Termite mounds (cathedral and magnetic) and bush fires! 7. Birds of prey show. NORTHERN TERRITORY WILDLIFE PARK 8. KAKADU NATIONAL PARK 9. Barramundi Thylacine Evil spirit ABORIGINAL ROCK ART at Ubirr and Nourlangie. 10. Looking over Arnhem Land 11. Looking over Arnhem Land 12. Looking over Arnhem Land 13. Sunrise on the East Alligator River with lots of birds. YELLOW WATERS CRUISE 14. LEARNING ABOUT EARLY ABORIGINAL LIFE. 15. Whistling Duck Mud Mussels Palm Hearts HUNTING FOR BUSH TUCKER (Aboriginal Food) 16. Water chestnuts Pandanus for string Paperbark basket 17. Green Ants Nest. 18. Eating green ants! 19. Eating green ants! 20. Digging for water chestnuts. 21. Preparing our dinner. We ate whistling duck, magpie goose, water buffalo, bandicoot, damper, yams and water chestnuts. 22. This is the bandicoot on some paper bark that we cooked on open fires. 23. Kakadu sunset and water buffalo 24. CROCODILES everywhere! 25. Crocodiles are camouflaged, children not so much! 26. Our home away from home!