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RI World Congress The World of Work Dr Paul Litchfield Director Health, Safety & Wellbeing hink ability not disability Edinburgh 25 October 2016

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RI World CongressThe World of WorkDr Paul LitchfieldDirector Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Think ability not disabilityEdinburgh25 October 2016

British Telecommunications plc


BT - Who we areBT is one of the worlds leading communications services companies.

How we are organised UK based with a global reach. We employ 102,000 people - 85,000 are in the UK.We serve customers in more than 170 countries.

British Telecommunications plc

11.6MPeople with aDisability in the UKThat is around 1 in 5 people 1 in 3 people have mental health / learning difficulties Not to mention the families that are affected

1 in 8 employees in the UK have a disability6.7M employees have a disability or long term health conditionThe global workforce is ageing

Disability is a societal issueIt affects our workers and our customers

British Telecommunications plc

EqualOpportunity1960/70sAnti Discrimination RightsDiversity1990s/2000sImproving the mixInclusion 2010sInnovation & Customer focus

Legal Compliance + Social Responsibility + Business BenefitsA history of responsible businessEmployment of disabled people by the company goes back over 150 years. In 1880 Henry Fawcett who was blind was elected Postmaster General. Since then Disability thinking & practice has evolved.

Using the power of communications to make a better world

British Telecommunications plc


Diversity & Inclusion are central to our ethosCreating possibilities by getting our workforce mix right, and making that mix workOur purpose

We better serve our customers when our workforce is more diverseWe unlock the power of our people when our culture is more inclusiveWe foster innovation when we promote diversity of thoughtOurbeliefs


Systematic attention at key decision pointsTailored local plansWorking practices that build an inclusive cultureDEVELOP

Support for HiPo members of under-represented groupsTailored coaching, mentoring and sponsorship RETAIN

Absolute fairness in everything we doQualitative and quantitative evidence on where we have work to doLEAD

Confidence and authenticity from the topBrilliant comms to inspire ownership and action in every member of our workforceATTRACT

Programmes to attract under-represented groups and build a more diverse pipelineUnbiased selection into a level playing fieldOur strategyAn inclusive culture that delivers excellent business performanceOurculture

British Telecommunications plc

Changing attitudes & behaviours

British Telecommunications plc

Adjustments are the key most are simple

British Telecommunications plc

Creating infrastructure for the more complex

British Telecommunications plc

Monitoring the impact


Disabled recruitment 2.75 times higher than population1,500 employees used the company adjustment service 91% of rehabilitation fully successful (own job & no restriction) 5.5% of company workforce self-declared as disabled

British Telecommunications plc

Joining up internal & external

Accessibility practice as a commercial serviceInclusive products highly successfulDisabled employees design & testConsumer Inclusion Leadership Panel Partnerships with Disability NGOsSupport of Technology for Good awardsFounder partner of British Paralympics (1989)Disability Sport initiative with Premier LeagueOver 11,000 Dementia Friend volunteers

British Telecommunications plc

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British Telecommunications plc

BT Accessibility Practice: Think ability not disability