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Litchfield Rescue Review


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    January/February 2015 ISSUE 2 VOLUME 2


    Litchfield RESCUE REVIEW

    A house fire on February 17th, at 27 Nesenkeag Drive required the response of multiple surrounding towns to knock down the flames. Hudson Fire Alarm received a 911 call at 15:37 reporting the blaze. While companies were en route numerous 911 calls continued to be received and Deputy Allard requested an additional engine from Londonderry to the scene.

    On arrival Engine 4 with a crew of Firefighter Rea reported heavy fire showing from sides three and four extending from the basement to the attic. A short time later Deputy Allard along with Captain Croteau arrived in their personal vehicles. The deputy assumed command with the captain overseeing the first attack line with Engine 4.

    Hudson Fire Chief Buxton on arrival was assigned as operations of the scene. Hudson companies were directed to the first floor to assist hitting the fire. A second Hudson crew along with Litchfield Firefighters Nicoll and Miller were assigned stretch a 2 1/2 line to floor two. Firefighters found

    heavy fire in the basement along with floors one and two and extending throughout the attic.

    See second Alarm continued on page 6

    Heavy fire pours from the attic of this home at 27 Nesenkeag Drive as crew work to contain the flames.

    Multiple Crews Battle Nesenkeag Drive Blaze

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    Inside This IssueLitchfield

    Firefighter Brian Kimball

    Litchfield's Bravest

    January/February 2015 ISSUE 2 VOLUME 2

    RESCUE REVIEWRescue 1 Responds To Hudson Working Fire

    Tanker 3 Responds To Londonderry On Mutual Aid Tanker 3 Responds To Londonderry Second Alarm Telephone Pole Hit During CBH Crash Blizzard Brings Limited Responses For Crews Chimney Fire Quickly Brought Under Control Two Alarms Struck For House Fire








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    January/February 2015 ISSUE 2 VOLUME 2

    Rescue 1 Responds To Hudson Working Fire

    A single 911 call at 11:30 alerted Hudson firefighters to a commercial garage fire at 15 Tolles Street on January 23rd. A first alarm was toned to the scene and on arrival a working fire was struck bring mutual aid companies to the fire.

    As firefighters attacked the flames they discovered a Bob Cat loader on fire in the building. As they worked a hydraulic tank split and dumped its fluid in in the building causing the flames to intensify. A foam line was used to bring the fire under control.

    At 11:51 Litchfield Rescue 1 with a crew of Captain Nicoll and Firefighter Rea were special called to the scene for

    Haz-Mat pads and booms to contain the remaining hydraulic

    fluid. On their arrival the placed the booms stopping the spreading fluid and used pads to soak up the oil. Rescue 1 remained on the scene for about one hour.

    Firefighter Rea and Captain Nicoll place Haz-Mat booms and pads to contain hydraulic fluid after a fire in a commercial garage in Hudson on January 23rd.

    Tanker 3 Responds To Londonderry On Mutual Aid

    During the first week of January very cold temperatures

    overtook the area bringing with it numerous building fires

    across the state. Shortly before 11:00 on January 6th, Londonderry crews were toned to 77 High Range Road for a building fire. On arrival crews found smoke showing from a large farm house and struck a working fire bringing mutual aid to the scene.

    At 11:00 Hudson Fire Alarm received a call from

    Londonderry Fire requesting an tanker to the scene of the

    fire. Toned to the scene was Tanker 3 with a crew of Captain Nicoll and Firefighter Rea.

    While the companies were en route to the scene

    Londonderry Fire reported the blaze was contained but

    continued all working fire companies due to hots spots still

    burning with in the structure. On arrival of Litchfield crews

    they were assigned to supply the attack engine in front of the building.

    The fire was called under control at 11:18 with all

    companies remaining on scene for overhaul.

    Tanker 3 supplies water to Londonderry fire apparatus at a working fire at 77 High Range Road on January 6th.

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    January/February 2015 ISSUE 2 VOLUME 2

    Run Totals

    Jan/Feb - 129

    Year Total - 129

    Tanker 3 Responds To Londonderry Second Alarm

    A Londonderry junk yard experienced two 2nd, alarm fires

    within 24 hours. The first blaze on January 29th, destroyed the yards auto body building. Tanker 3 responded to the scene and supplied water to the companies battling the blaze.

    On January 30th, Hudson Fire Alarm received a call from Londonderry Fire Alarm at 01:48 requesting a tanker to the

    scene of the second fire at the junkyard located at 55 Hall Road.

    On arrival Londonderry crews found several stacks of crushed motor vehicles heavy involved in the yard and struck a second alarm bringing Tanker 3 with a crew of Captain Nicoll and Firefighter Raccio to the scene.

    Due to the location in the yard the fire was difficult to

    access. Londonderry Truck 1 was setup and its ladder pipe placed in service. Tanker 3 arrived on the scene and dumped its water into a porta tank supplying Londonderry Engine 1.

    Numerous tankers from surrounding towns were called to

    the scene. As more tankers arrived a second porta tank was

    setup and a jet siphon was used to supply water tank to tank.

    A loader was brought to the scene to move the burning

    vehicles to a location where several attack lines and the

    ladder pipe could wet the burning hulks down. This process

    took several hours and numerous engine companies to

    complete the task.

    Tanker 3 delivered 12,500 gallons to the scene. Other

    tankers on scene included Windham, Pelham, Hudson,

    Hooksett, Goffstown and Auburn. Engine companies included

    Derry, Manchester and Merrimack. Litchfield crews returned to town just after 05:00.

    Firefighter Raccio and Captain Nicoll look on as Tanker 3 water fills the Porta tank during a second alar o=in Londonderry on January 30th.

    Nashua Ladder 2 goes to work at this second alarm at 140 Kinsley Street on January 1st.

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    January/February 2015 ISSUE 2 VOLUME 2

    Telephone Pole Hit During CBH Crash

    A single vehicle crash into a telephone pole in the area of 34 Charles Bancroft Highway on February 13th, sent Litchfield crews to the scene. At 13:24 Hudson Fire Alarm toned Rescue 1 with a crew of Captain Nicoll and Firefighter Rea, Engine 4 and a Hudson ambulance to the scene. While en route to the scene the Hudson squad was requested to assist.

    On arrival crews found a single vehicle crash into a telephone pole snapping it with the pole blocking the road. Rescue 1s crew began patient care and secured the scene in the case the power lines were still charged with power. One patient was transported from the scene with minor injuries to a Nashua Hospital.

    Fire units remained on the scene until Eversource arrived to repair the pole. The Charles Bancroft Highway remained closed for a considerable time until repairs were made.

    This is the scene at 34 Charles Bancroft Highway after a vehicle struck a pole injuring one occupant.

    Lowell Mass firefighters struck 3 alarms for this fire in a garden style apartment building on January 7th.

    Blizzard Brings Limited Responses For Crews Blizzard conditions struck the area on January 27th, dumping 27 inches of snow. Litchfield firefighters prepared for the storms onslaught and brought in extra manpower keeping the towns fire apparatus manned for the duration of the storm.

    With the amount of snow received the towns Highway Department had trouble keeping up with clearing the streets. A medical emergency was received during the storm and the fire departments plow truck was needed to clear a path to the home for the ambulance to reach the patient.

    Crews responded to only a few calls for service during the storm. The days to follow were very busy with related calls ranging from water problems, gas odors and carbon monoxide calls. The deep snow blocked furnace exhaust vents and covered gas meters leading to the increase of calls.

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    January/February 2015 ISSUE 2 VOLUME 2

    Nesenkeag Drive Blaze continued from page 1

    Captain Nicoll arrived on the scene and assumed command. At 15:53 command struck a second alarm as heavy fire took hold of the second floor and attic.

    Firefighters using two attack lines and pulling ceilings could not contain the flames and all crews were pulled out of the building. Large caliber streams poured into the building knocking the flames back and crews were allowed to reenter the building.

    Nashua Ladder 2 set up in front of the building and went to the roof to cut a vent hole. Crews on floor 2 continued to experience heavy fire that would be knocked down and as soon as the water was directed in another area the flames roared back. Due to a downed power line on side three of the building had the fire burning up the side of the building could not be contained and continued to feed the flames in the attic.

    Numerous crews rotated on the second floor trying to contain the flames in the attic. Making no headway the building was again evacuated and Nashua ladder pipe was put in service.

    Eversource was called to the scene to disconnect the power to the downed power line allowing crews to stretch a

    2 1/2 line to the rear of the building and quickly they had the fire on the exterior knockdown. Crews again entered the building and within a short time had the heavy fire contained.

    Deep snow hampered crews stretching hand lines and placing ground ladders. Several firefighters lost their balance falling into the 4 foot deep snow and had to be assisted back to the feet. Londonderrys rescue was special called to the scene to fill air bottles as crews for over two hours rotated overhauling and knocking down numerous hotspots burning within the building. Fire Prevention Officer Dube was called in to investigate for a cause.

    The fire was placed under control's 1813. Fire crews from Hudson, Nashua, Londonderry, Manchester, Gary, when he am, and Bedford all operated at the scene. No injuries were reported.

    Heavy fire fills the attic as firefighters vent the window of the second floor.

    Firefighters Rea, Miller, Nicoll and an unidentified member take a break after battling the flames on the second floor of the home located at 27 Nesenkeag Drive on February 17th.

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    January/February 2015 ISSUE 2 VOLUME 2

    Times Past This month we go back to February 3, 1957, to cover a building fire on Page Road. The owner of the 3 room cottage was washing dishes in his home a short distance away about noon time and spotted heavy smoke coming from the building. Knowing his two children play inside the vacant building he rushed outside.

    Not finding his children and fearing the worst he kicked in the locked door feeding the fire with fresh air. The flames intensified burning the man. He tried to enter the building but was driven back by the flames. His wife suffered a severe cut to her arm after breaking a window trying to enter the building. Her mother n law suffered a broken leg while running to assist the bleeding children's mother.

    Litchfield firefighters arrived on the scene finding the building heavily involved and requested Hudson firefighters for assistance. As crews worked to contain the flames the building became fully involved and collapsed.

    As firefighters battled the flames the family and firefighters thought for sure the children had perished in the blaze. As firefighter searched the collapsed remains for the children the father noticed foot prints in the snow leading away from the building. The father followed the prints finding the children hiding in the woods thinking they were in trouble.

    The building and the stored contents were totally destroyed.

    Chimney Fire Quickly Brought Under Control A chimney fire at 70 Nesenkeag Drive on January 16th, was quickly brought under control by crews. Hudson Fire Alarm toned Engine 4 and Tanker 3 to the scene at 15:45.

    On arrival crews found fire burning in the chimney and extinguished the flames in the wood stove. Ground and roof ladders were raised for firefighters to drop chains down the

    chimney to knock down the burning creosote and extinguish the flames.

    Crews worked for about 30 minutes to bring the fire under control with no damage suffered to the structure.

    Engine 4 stands by as firefighters work on the roof of this home at on January 16th, to control a chimney fire.

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    January/February 2015 ISSUE 2 VOLUME 2

    Two Alarms Struck For House Fire For the second time in a week Litchfield firefighters were tested battling a two alarm fire. Hudson Fire Alarm received several calls on February 23rd, reporting the fire at 08:47. The caller stated that heavy smoke was coming from the home at 20 Martin Lane. Litchfield Engine 4 with a crew of Captain Nicoll and Firefighters Rea, Engine 1 with a crew of Firefighters B Schofield and C Schofield were toned scene. With numerous calls being received Captain Nicoll requested a working fire assignment bringing mutual aid companies from Hudson and Londonderry to the scene.

    On arrival Engine 4 reported a two-story single-family home with heavy smoke showing requested a second alarm. Engine 4 stretched a 1 3/4 line into the building and found fire in the basement, first and second floors. Engine 1s crew laid a supply line to Engine 4 and assisted with fire attack. Lieutenant Glancy arrived on the scene and assumed command.

    Hydrants in the area could not be located so additional tankers were requested for water supply to the same. A supply line was hand dragged to Albuquerque Avenue to set up rural hitch operations to supply water to the scene.

    Numerous attack lines were stretched into the building. Crews attacking the fire found the fire had gained considerable headway on all floors and all companies were evacuated from

    the building. As numerous large caliber attack lines were being set up for defensive attack heavy fire shot from the first floor windows. A short time later the second floor and attic became fully involved. Captain Nicoll and Lieutenant Desmond stretched a 2 1/2 line through three foot deep snow to attack the flames in the front of the building.

    A Manchester engine located a hydrant on Albuquerque Avenue, hooked in and supplied the scene with water. Due to the number large caliber streams operating on the fire additional feeder lines were laid to supply the water from the incoming tankers to the attack engine.

    Hudson and Bedford crews were assigned to stretch a 2 1/2 attack line to the rear of the building to knock down heavy fire coming from the roof. Flames shot 30 feet into air as the fire consumed the entire roof of the home.

    As firefighters continued to pour water onto the flames the building collapsed into a burning pile of debris. Heavy fire continue to burn in the collapsed remains of the home making it very difficult for firefighters to extinguish the blaze.

    See Second alarm continued on page 9

    Captain Nicoll and Lieutenant Desmond stretched a 2 1/2 line through three foot deep snow to attack the flames in the front of the building.

    Firefighter Rea stretches a backup line as fire vents from the window of floor 1.

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    Second Alarm continued from page 8

    The Town of Litchfield Highway Department brought in a backhoe to assist removing the debris so firefighters could get the flames. The Londonderry Tower ladder was set up in front of the building to pour water into the pile that was once the home for final extinguishment. Crews spent most of the afternoon wetting down and overhauling the scene. .

    There were no reported injuries at the scene the fire remains under investigation. Deep snow and very cold temperatures and wind chills below zero hampered crews.

    Fire crews from Litchfield Hudson Londonderry Gary Manchester Bedford Windham and Tyngsboro Mass responded to the scene.

    Fire takes hold of the first floor as additional lines are being stretched.

    Lieutenant Desmond gets a air bottle at Engine 1.

    January/February 2015

    Pelham firefighters struck 4 alarms for this fire at 7 Blackstone Circle on January 23rd. One resident of the home was rescued by firefighters but later died from injuries sustained during the blaze.

    Lawrence Mass firefighters perform overhaul at this 2 alarm fire that took place at 38 Bowdion Street on February 20th. Photo by Brian Alley

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