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  • Responding to Piracy in 2014 and Beyond Specialised Training Dr Peter M Swift MPHRP Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme 24 April 2014
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  • Responding to Piracy in 2014 and Beyond MPHRP Update on Piracy Response to Piracy Learning from Experiences Work of MPHRP Specialised Training Programmes Remembering the hostages still held
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  • MPHRP is a pan-industry alliance of ship owners, managers, manning agents, insurers, maritime unions, professional and welfare associations working together with governmental organisations "to assist seafarers and their families with the humanitarian aspects of a traumatic incident caused by a piracy attack, armed robbery or being taken hostage". Financially supported by: ITF Seafarers Trust TK Foundation & Seafarers UK Not-for-profit, non- political, with regional representatives in the Philippines, India and Ukraine.
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  • Since 2005 > 3,500 ships and 95,000 seafarers attacked > 4,900 seafarers have been held hostage > 105 bereaved families Annually > 500,000 seafarers sailing in pirate-infested waters Piracy and Armed Robbery
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  • Maritime Piracy and Armed Robbery (2013) Source: IMB
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  • Maritime Piracy and Armed Robbery (2014) To date, worldwide, as reported to IMB 50 ships attacked 37 ships boarded 2 ships hijacked
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  • Annual Cost of Somali Piracy ca. USD 7 billion (Oceans Beyond Piracy)
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  • The Human Cost: Coping during an incident Seafarers Families
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  • The Human Cost: Being held Hostage
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  • For some seafarers and their families freedom means moving From the hell of captivity to the hell of release Homecoming (for some): Malnourished health problems (mental & physical) In debt not paid during captivity Dispossessed personal effects stolen and not replaced Family stress and break-up Future job prospects limited / family against resuming career
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  • Created Jan. 2009 pursuant to UNSCR 1851 Voluntary ad hoc international forum - 80 countries, industry, seafarers organisations and NGOs Five thematic working groups (in cooperation with Somali federal and regional officials) WG1 - operational naval coordination, information sharing, and capacity building; WG2 - legal and judicial issues; WG3 - working with industry - to enhance awareness and build capabilities among seafarers, WG4 - raising public awareness WG5 - disrupting pirate criminal enterprises ashore, including the illicit financial flows Unprecedented Response to Somali Piracy
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  • New Guidelines for the Welfare of Seafarers Expectations and responsibilities of ALL Stakeholders
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  • Focus is on all three phases of any incident (such as an attack, a citadel situation, or a hijacking) BEFORE - Being prepared, planning and training DURING - Managing the plan and sharing information AFTER - Repatriation, homecoming and recovery MPHRP Activities The open sharing of experiences and first-hand feedback from companies, seafarers and families, responders and others, has enabled MPHRP and its partners to develop Good Practice and Training Guides and to put in place support networks.
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  • MPHRP Activities BEFORE Good Practice Guides *, Training Programmes, Courses and Workshops, including pre-departure piracy awareness training for seafarers, shipping companies and manning agents, and welfare and care providers DURING 24 Hour Piracy Helpline AFTER Support Networks, Direct Support * Available at
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  • Development of Good Practice Guides Open sharing of experiences and information Understanding of threats/risks Risk mitigation measures Importance of planning and drills/exercises ______________________ Piracy specific Importance of families Post incident care and support
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  • Specialised Training Seafarers and Shipping Companies Pre-departure Piracy Awareness Training Piracy Awareness, Risk Identification, Good Practice Planning Managing during an incident, basic coping skills Post incident issues returning to normality
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  • Specialised Training Welfare Responders Pre-departure Piracy Awareness Training Piracy Awareness, Familiarisation with Nature of Threats, Mitigation Measures, Concerns of Seafarers Assistance and support to Families Post incident care and support to Seafarers and Families, including post-traumatic counselling and access to psycho-social and other medical support
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  • Specialised Training Piracy Awareness Training Programmes Being rolled out in many countries, in conjunction with shipping companies, administrations and training schools Train the Trainers developed and being delivered for each of the MPHRP Training Programmes
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  • Other MPHRP activities include providing post release support when required and when able Examples include: Assistance with counselling and medical treatment Advice on recovery of unpaid wages & compensation claims Assistance to widows Help in securing future employment Counselling for Indian seafarers from 3 hijacked ships Helping a returning seafarer diagnosed with tuberculosis Meeting returning hostages and families Assisting a Filipino seafarer recover delayed compensation payments
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  • Ships/ Hostages held captive by Somali Pirates Today !
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  • Those still held Naham 3 > 750days Albedo > 1245 days Asphalt Venture > 1325 days Prantalay 12 > 1465 days
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  • and the families that wait
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  • The families that wait and wait...
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  • Prompted by the needs of seafarers affected by Piracy MPHRP has, with its partners in the insurance and maritime industry, launched a Fund which will help by providing small, but effective, grants to seafarers and their families for expenses such as: assistance with medical care / counselling travel costs to get help school fees for their children rent when the family is faced with eviction and in extreme cases food to keep them alive Maritime Piracy HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE FUND - MPHRF plus assisting widows/bereaved families
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  • Thank you If you can help, would like more information or to contact anyone in the programme please email: and to support the Response Fund please email: or visit