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Apresentação "Qualificação da Indústria Nacional para Desenvolvimento e Manufatura de Subsistemas e Sistemas Completos" mostrada no XII Encontro Nacional de Estudos Estratégicos (XII ENEE), promovido pela Secretaria de Assuntos Estratégicos da Presidência da República (SAE/PR) em parceria com o Ministério da Defesa, nos dias 07, 08 e 09 de novembro de 2012, na Escola Naval, no Rio de Janeiro.


  • 1. WHAT IS STRATEGIC FOR BRAZIL? Future bearing Information and areas: Inputs for Health Communication Biotechnology and Sector TechnologiesNanotechnology Biofuels, electric energy, hydrogen Oil, gas and coalAgribusinessand renewable energiesDevelopment of theBiodiversity and Meteorology andAmazon and of the natural resourcesclimate change Semi-Arid regionNational DefenseSpace ProgramNuclear Program and Public Security

2. Information and Communication Technology Plans Four main components: 1. Components and Semiconductor and Displays 2. Systems and Devices (hardware) 3. Software and Services 4. Advanced IT infrastructure for R&D Strategic Goal Increase Innovation Strengthen the national ICT sector and its supply chain in order toincrease local content, competitiveness and participation in nationaland international markets. 3. Brazil has been successful in dealing with its main challenges5th largest*3rd largest civil flex fuel cars - automotive aircraft manufacturerconsumption comesmanufacturerfrom sugar cane High technology industries have ethanolbeen elected as priorities 3rd largest oil 2nd largest miningcompany in thecompanyInnovation ---- ICTsis a Top world Priority!!Brazil is the 3rd largestfood exporterReductionOf poverty Energy shortage No Automotive Agriculture Aircraft Industry Basic InputsOil Crisis Innovation ChallengeIndustry ExpansiondevelopmentDevelopment 1950 19601970 1980Today4*Non-exhaustive list 4. Innovation is key for the future of BrazilIT is key for innovation 5. And, it turns out, being disruptive is often alsoabout doing computer science!1. Email2. Google3. Apple iPhone4. Amazon.com5. Netflix6. Twitter/Facebook7. YouTube8. Craigslist9. Nintendo Wii10. Southwest Airlines/JetBlue 6. Information Techonology in Brazil:some numbers 7. Brazil Facts and figuresPopulation: 191 million85% living in urban area 5th largest territory in the worldIBGE Census 2010IBGE 2010GDP/capita: USD12,788 GDP: USD 2.5 TrillionIBGE 2011 IBGE 20118th largest ccTLD: 3.05 million 5,565 municipalitiesNIC.br 2012 IBGE Census 201074 million Internet users38% HH with Internet accessCGI.br, ICT Households Survey 2011 CGI.br, ICT Households Survey 2011 8. Internet Statistics in BrazilComputers and Internet penetrationComputer (% Households with computer)CGI.br ICT Households Survey 2011 Urban + Rural Urban areaInternet (% Households with Internet access)CGI.br ICT Households Survey 2011 Urban + Rural Urban areaSource: ICT Households Survey 2011, CGI.br 9. Internet Statistics in Brazil Internet access by social class and Internet usersComputer (% Households with computer) Urban area 38% HH with Internet access 43% households in urban area 96% highest-income households 5% lowest-income householdsTotal Brazil74 million Internet usersInternet (% Households with Internet access)Internet Users (% Total population 10+ y.o.)Urban area Urban area Total BrazilTotal BrazilSource: ICT Households Survey 2011, CGI.br 10. ICT statistics to monitor public policies Digital inclusion policies in BrazilTelecenterComputer (% Households with computer) Location of individual accessImpact Assessment(% Total number of Internet users)HomeComputer for All Program LanhousesLanhouse LegalFrameworkMobile TelecentersPublicInternet (% Households with Internet access) PoliciesType of Internet access (% Households) Broadband NationalPlan Fixed BroadbandBroadband National Mobile PlanBroadband - 3G Dial-up AccessSource: ICT Households Survey 2011, CGI.br 11. Brazil, ICT facts... 1.2 Millon IT professionals 34 Brazilian companies ranked in the Global Fortune 2000 40.9 Million broadband access2.4% of the IT world market share 3rd ranked in the world PC market 49.6% share in Latin America218 Million mobiles7th biggest internal market of ICT 5th world mobile market81.5 Mn of Internet users 37 Million Facebook users 3rd 33.3 Mn Twitter users 2nd 4 Million on Flickr - 2 Mn on LinkedIn 29 Million on Orkut - 5 Million on SkypeSources: ABINEE, ABES, BRASSCOM, IBGE, 2010. 12. A high potential information technology industry Market Size (world comparison)Local Manufacturing and/or R&D Operations15,3 M computers sold in 2011 3rd largest market in ComputersInformation (behind US and China) Technology11 M TV units manufactured in 2011 55 M households with TVs (12 M Consumer with cable TV) electronics60 M cell phones manufacturedin 2010 (47 M sold) 4th largest market in Cell Phones Telecom3.4 M vehicles manufactured in 2011 (world #5) 4th largest market in Automotive Transportation & AutoParts 2nd largest market in ATMs and 5th Automation & Medical largest in Medical EquipmentsEquipment 13. IT Brazilian Market 2011 2020 IT Market US$ 102 billionUS$ 150 bi - US$ 200 bi Percentage of GNP 4.4%5,5% a 6% Mercado de TI 2010 17,125,1HardwareSoftwareServiosExportaes6,4 BPOIT In-House 4,711,63,5 14. R&D and Human Resources for IT IndustryScience, Dec 2010 15. Human Capital for ScienceandTechnology 232,000 Researchers (2010) 83.000 PhD101.000 MSc 48.000 bachelorsandengineers, corresponding to 137,000 Full time researchers 46.000 PhD53.000 MSc 173,400 Graduatestudents 64.600 doctoralprograms108.800 masterprograms 50,900 graduates per year 11.300 PhD 39.600 Masters 1.78 millionCVsonthepubliclyavailableLattesplataform 16. National Research Network (RNP)S do FNDCT, R$ 76 milhes eminvestimentos 17. Education in Information Technology and CS Graduate Studies 52 graduate programs in Computer Science in Brazil 21 PhD programs and 45 MSc programs in Brazilian universities 2254 MSc and 312 PhDs graduated from CS Depts in Brazil from 2004-2007 Undergraduate More than 2000 undergrad. programs: Computer Science, Information Systems and Computer Engineering and Computer Technology More than 300.000 students enrolled in undergraduate computing and IT courses Research In 2007-2009 Brazilian researchers in Computing published 1.617 articles in indexed journals and 5.981 in international conferences. SCIENCE withoutBorders: 100,000 studentsabroad 18. PRINCIPAIS MEDIDAS DO PROGRAMA ESTRATGICO DESOFTWARE E SERVIOS DE TI 19. CERTICsCERTIFICAO DE TECNOLOGIA NACIONAL EM SOFTWARE E SERVIOSConsulta pblica: 30 dias http://www.certics.cti.gov.br/verify/index.html 20. Key Strategic Actions: Strengthen semiconductor and display industry in Brazil Industrial policies to create incentives for local content (software, hardwareand components) for IT sector; Special R&D programme for strategic areas: cyberdefense, cloudcomputing, mobility. Start-up Programme Modernization of the Advanced IT infrastructure for R&D: 100 Gbps for the 12 cities of the World Cup (RNP) Two cloud computing pilot projects Increase supercomputing capacity; Create plans to strengthen the main digital ecosystems(Oil&Gas, Agribusiness, Mining, Banks, Telecommunications, etc), start-upsprogramme. 21. Thank you!virgilio.almeida@mct.gov.br