pytania szczegółowe (co?, gdzie?, dlaczego? itp.) what? what’s your name? what’s your...

Download Pytania szczegółowe (co?, gdzie?, dlaczego? itp.) What? What’s your name? What’s your favourite lesson? What does ‘Oz’ mean? I’m Libby. It’s English. It

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  • Pytania szczegowe (co?, gdzie?, dlaczego? itp.) What?Whats your name?Whats your favourite lesson?What does Oz mean? Im Libby.Its English.

    It means Australia

  • How?How old are you? How do you spell Australia?Im twelve. A-U-S-T-R-A-L-I-A

  • Where?Where are you from?Where does Will live?Im from Britain. He lives in Melbourne, Australia.

  • When?Whens your birthday? Its on June 19th.

  • Who? Whos your teacher? Whos Libby? My teachers Mr. liwkaShes new student from Britain.

  • Why?Why did you come to Australia?Becouse my fathers working here.

  • Which?Which sports can Libby do? Which languages can you speak? She can swim and dive. I can speak Polish.

  • Pytania oglne (Czy?)Have you got?Have you got any pets? Has Rob got an email addres? Yes, Ive got a cat called Sooty. Yes, he has.

  • Can you? Can you surf? Can you spell your surname? Can you repeat that? No, I cant. Yes, its B-E-V-A-N

    Yes, B-E-V-A-N.

  • Do/Does? Do you watch TV everyday? Does Will like Savage Garden?Does Libby have a dog? No, I dont.

    Yes, he does.

    No, she doesnt.

  • Me, you, him, her, us, them.Podmiot IYouHe She It WeTheyDopenienie MeYouHimHerItUsThem

  • Will likes Robbie Williams? Libby likes Kylie?

    I like Mercury 4. Podmiot Dopenienie He likes him.

    She likes her.

    I like them.

  • Can

    IHeSheItWeYouTheyGo to bed at 10 oclock at the weekend. Play volleyball at lunch time. Watch TV after dinner.


  • Cant I He She ItWeYouThey Ride my bike on the road.Go to town without an adult. Eat in the classroom.


  • Present simple- zdania twierdzce IWeYouThey

    He SheIt

    live in Poland. like Robbie football on TV.

    works in Australia.likes Kylie Minogue. looks like this.

  • Present simple- pytania



    live in Poland?play volleyball? listen to music? eat lunch at 12.00.I weyou they he she it

  • Present simple- zdania przeczceI WeYou They

    He SheIt

    live in volleyball after school. Speak Japanese. go to school on Sarurday. Dont


  • Present simple- krtkie odpowiedzi


    No, Do Dont



  • Past simple- krtkie odpowiedzi Did Libby fall off her surfboard?

    Did Dan fall off his surfboard? Yes, she did

    No, he didnt

  • Going to


    He SheIt


    travel to Britain next year. am m iss arere

    going to

  • Not going to




    travel to Britain next year.

    going to

    am not m not is not s not are not re not

  • Are you going to?




    rain this afternoon?

    visit the museum?

    travel by train? I

    He SheIt