production diary – week 3

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Production Diary – Week 3

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Page 1: Production diary – week 3

Production Diary – Week 3

Page 2: Production diary – week 3

So Far we have….

• Picked our final song• Picked locations for filming• Looked at props• Compared our idea to other professional


Page 3: Production diary – week 3

Our Idea

Our final idea consists of using different upbeat summer locations (Beach, London etc.) and using these locations to help convey the positive message of the song. We will be using no clear narrative but just wish to convey the songs message about having fun without the notion of sex. We wish to make a statement within the video opposing the Male Gaze theory.

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Page 5: Production diary – week 3

2nd of October

On the second of October we are going to Frinton beach in Essex, to start filming for our music video.

Our Location

Our Filming Location

Page 6: Production diary – week 3

What I hope to achieve by next week…

• Continue planning for the 2nd of October• Lyric Analysis