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FILM PRODUCTION DIARY Paige Hadaway Media Studies

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Media Studies

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So far within the planning process of our film we have looked at the different camera

angles in which we can use to make the film more effective. We created a preliminary

task to help us understand and gain further knowledge of how to professionally film

using some shots such as match on action and over the shoulder shot , we looked

further at many other shots and other ways in which we can film using other things we

find as oppose to using the professional dolly or camera equipment. Before planning

out what our footage was going to be we researched other films which has the same

genre as ours (horror/thriller) to help us understand how horror film is made and give us

some inspiration with our own movie. A storyboard and script has also ben produced for

our movie in which helps us to plan the different shots and scenes in which we want to


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To film a conversation between two characters we went to Bexleyheath

and planned to film in star bucks . However when we looked at the

recording the background noise was too loud and you could not here the

conversation. As this was the case we decided to change the idea and to

film in a car we had permission to use , the first time we filmed in the car

we noticed you could see the person recording in of the mirror of the car.

We then had to re-film this scene and it went well and we gained the

footage we needed to create the scene. We included a shot in the rear

view mirror in which shows the hooded figure in the back and the

characters are un aware of this.

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For this scene we shot in the asylum setting we has created. However

after looking back at our footage we come to the decision that we wanted

to re-film this as the lighting was a little too dark, we felt we could make

the setting look more realistic if we were to do it again and change the

way the asylum looked. As it was too dark it meant when the video was

shown it would look very bad quality and fuzzy , this is why we needed to

re shoot as we wanted it to be the highest quality possible. In this scene

however we used a range of different shots to add tension , mystery and

show passing of time.

Page 5: Film production diary


For todays filming we chose to film the kitchen and bedroom scene in

Anya's house as it is was spacious to film in and we needed a domestic

environment. The scene filmed in the kitchen has various shots showing the

main character receiving texts and phone calls from the anonymous harasser.

The next scene we shot was in the bedroom, which includes the main

character sleeping and being woken up by more calls. However we decided

we should re shoot and change it slightly as we thought of something that

would make better footage and cause more horror as this did not go so well

and we wanted to improve our shots.

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Todays work consisted of re shooting the asylum scene , for this we

changed some of the props and re arranged the setting to make the scene

have much more eerie atmosphere as well as to reflect that she was in

isolation. Within this scene we used a tracking shot as well as various other

shots in which helps follow and show the mood of the character. Within this

scene we used a a tripod on a blanket in order to create our own dolly and

film a tracking shot , we feel this worked really well. We changed the

lighting a little so it still felt dark and gloomy but so it could be seen in better

quality on the scene and so you could see more of the setting clearly.

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Todays filming included reshooting our new idea’s for the bedroom scene,

we decided when the main character storms from the kitchen into her room

she would then sit on her bed and receive a video message from the

unknown number. Within the video she sees herself being filmed from a

small cupboard in her room of her walking into her room. This scene is

made to be intense and create a lot of tension. When filming this scene we

ensured we had a close up of her hand when she goes towards the

cupboard this is something that helped add tension.

Page 8: Film production diary


For the scene we shot in school by the lockers , we felt this would help to

represent the age of the main character as well as add to the effect that she is

being harassed even in her school which helps to show the danger she may

be in. in the scene the main character is receiving a note as well a necklace

from someone unknown. Our film however is quite long already so we may not

include the whole scene , nether the less it is still an important part to include

even if it is a little shot as it shows how her school life is being effected by the

harassment she is receiving.

Page 9: Film production diary


For our last time filming we decided to re shoot a few little shots to help

improve the bedroom scene and jus make sure we had enough footage. We

included an over the shoulder shot when the main character receives a video

message , we done this so the footage was clear and the viewer would easier

be able to see the video. We also shot the footage on an I phone in which we

could send to the main characters phone so it could be filmed using our

camera to appear although the mystery figure had sent it to her.