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Production Diary 11 Naomi Pierce Week 12

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Production Diary 11Naomi Pierce

Week 12

PitchOver the weekend we had to consider potential ideas for our opening. In our groups we then had to narrow our ideas down, my group all agreed on one particular idea which we then went on to decide potential ideas for music and other aspects. We had to put this idea into a presentation and present to the class. After presenting our idea we were given feedback and now have more specific ideas for our opening. We got feedback on a variety of aspects including the name, we originally thought that ‘Remember Her’ would be a good name however after receiving the feedback we have now decided that ‘Porcelain’ is more effective.

Horror Research

After deciding upon the plot I decided to do some research more specifically into the horror genre. This will help when creating our final product as we will know the common conventions and can plan our opening ensuring that it presents the genre and has the desired effect. It will also ensure that our opening is realistic.


As a group we created a moodboard and categorised it into props, costume, make up and setting. I then also created a word collage using of the different ideas that we have. This will help us to establish the base lines for our opening which we will then develop into specific ideas.


We then created a storyboard of the different shots we are planning to use in our opening. We created this using post it notes so that we can add shots, take away shots, and change the order if we need to in future. This will help us when we start filming as we know the types of shots that we will need, it will also help us when we come to editing as we will have a basis for putting the shots together.

Locations, Risk Assessment, Weather and Shooting


We then had to consider when and where we could actually film. We finally came to a conclusion of where and had to then make a risk assessment to ensure that we would be safe to film there. We then looked into what the weather is going to be like and decided upon days where we could all shoot.


Overall this week we have begun to plan our final product. I am excited to start filming our opening and to start putting it all together. I think that if our opening works as we are planning it it could be very effective.