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Production Diary!

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Page 1: Production Diary!

Production Diary!

Page 2: Production Diary!

The Reece Personal trip to look for potential shooting

locations which have relevance to the theme of ‘identity and fake identity’.

Tuesday 1st October

Page 3: Production Diary!

Costume Planning! Ideas such as: wigs, clothing, makeup,

adaptability with props? The effect of lighting issues?

Sunday 6th October

Page 4: Production Diary!

Research at Northolt Hills

Tuesday 27th October

Page 5: Production Diary!

Individual group ideas shared in class.

Thursday 10th October

Page 6: Production Diary!

2 O’clock group meeting to discuss and plan the structure of the music video.

It is decided it will take the format of a:

Concept//Performance//Montage music video.Where all 3 styles work in conjunction.

Saturday 12th October

Page 7: Production Diary!

First few days of filming.

22nd November and the 24th

Some of the notes we used whilst filming

Page 8: Production Diary!

Entering the media suite. Getting used to using the technology and

developing our skills.

December 6th, 7th, 8th

Page 9: Production Diary!

Memory card is in use of George and Patrick who go the Northala Fields and film footage from 4pm-till late.

Friday 30th December

Page 10: Production Diary!

All 3 are present to edit from 9am-2pm. Established we need more montage and

concept to bulk up and conjoin the music video together so that it makes sense.

January 7th

Page 11: Production Diary!

We work together as a team going on numerous more shoots working on montage footage and conceptualism until we have the final product. We believe we have addressed the 3 criteria's we wanted to; being concept, montage and performance to create a text which is both engaging and clever and has the potential to sell the track as a music product.

January 7th and Onwards