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Production Diary 3 Naomi Pierce Week 4

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Production Diary 3

Naomi PierceWeek 4

Foley SoundsMy first post this week was looking at Foley sounds and how they are created. I looked at a variety of video’s on youtube on how to create different sounds however I found the one I chose to post the most interesting and helpful. Looking into this will help me when I have to create foley sounds for my own opening because I now have a deeper understanding of how to create them, why they are needed and how precise they need to be. I found the video and looking into foley sounds really interesting because it isn’t something that I have thought about before.

Teacher Assessment

This week, our teachers have looked at and assessed our blogs so far. The key piece of improvement that they gave me was to ensure that all work is uploaded, I have set myself a target since then to upload all work, which I have now done. I have also typed up and uploaded my production diaries which I had also not yet posted.

ProgressOverall this week, I have carried out further research into different aspects I will have to include in my final product. This will all help me when creating my final product because I will know the typical conventions to ensure that it appears as professional as possible and is effective. Also after the assessment from my teachers I will try to ensure that from now on I upload anything as soon as it is complete. I still need to look into a wider variety of web 2.0 tools to present my work and make it more interactive.